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BOOK RELEASED: “Natural Transitioning: an FTM alternative”

Since 2008, a growing number of FTMs have stumbled upon an alternative founded by Tristan Skye. This alternative plan allows transmen to naturally increase the testosterone their bodies already are producing with a 3-step plan including:

  1. Supplements
  2. Diet
  3. Weight Training

Natural Transitioning has helped out many guys who are waiting to start Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), who are unable to do HRT, or who want an alternative option to HRT.

The book emphasizes the need to seek a physicians care the same as anyone doing the HRT method.

The book is released today via Lulu.com. You can purchase a paperback copy or an online edition.

100 pages filled with information, photos and even a bonus recipe section!
Click HERE to purchase your copy today!

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TQ Review: Ian Harvie & Margaret Cho at Laughing Skull Lounge

This past weekend, TQ Nation found themselves on the guest list to attend two nights of outrageous comedy at the notorious Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta, GA.

Headlining the show is one of our favorite comedians, Ian Harvie, who also happens to be an openly transgender FTM.

The comedy acts of the weekend had us in stitches. Side-splitting stitches, that is.

Saturday night, our comedic host for the evening was local-favorite Trey Toler followed by the hilarious David Stone.

After our intense anticipation, Ian took the stage and we roared with applause. We just happened to be sitting so close we could tug on his pant leg (which was very tempting to do).

Interestingly enough, many patrons that attended did NOT know Ian was transgender and when this part of his act came up and you heard him tell the audience he was “born a girl” … there was that moment of “HUH?” and silence which Ian quickly had a joke for and the room again filled with laughter, but now with some faint whispers which I’m sure included questions of what was between his legs. As Ian stated, “This is the part where everyone’s eyes look down around this area,” as he pointed just below his waist.

To me, I was truly proud to see a brother on stage doing his thing while also educating. This might be the first time many of those people ever came face-to-face with a transgender person (that they knew of) and this allowed them to sit back, learn a bit to take home with them and laugh their asses off all at the same time. It’s a way to educate people in a non-threatening environment. Ian is making comedic history and is an icon for our alphabet soup community.

There was a certain point that I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. This was the point where Ian was discussing the men’s bathroom and it rang so personally true that it was nice to not feel alone and hear someone else say my own thoughts out loud. There, I was able to laugh at my own fears and triumph over them. I then knew I wasn’t the only one that ever wondered…”does my pee sound different?”

After the show on Saturday night, they all headed to a wrap party for Margaret Cho and invited us back Sunday night to also see her. Of course, how could we say “no” to that?

Sunday rolled around and as we walked into the lounge, we saw Trey and he invited us backstage to hang out with Ian, Margaret and the other comedians of the night. As we sat back there with comedic celebrities, we couldn’t feel more at home. They were such a down-to-earth, wonderful group of people. Margaret was laid back and engaged us all in a conversation about Atlanta’s longest running strip club, Clermont Lounge, where we all told our own stories of the place I noted as “where strippers go to die.”

The lights dimmed and we took our seats right in front of the stage. This time around the head guy at Laughing Skull, Marshall Chiles, took the stage and the laughter soon followed. Trey Toler was next followed by another comedian, Ryan, and then out came my wife’s ultimate fave, Margaret Cho.

Personally, I “almost” got to see her years ago at a local bar called Burkhart’s, but the crowd was a sea of people and I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of her. Now, here I was in arm’s reach of the lady that has put the world to tears from laughter, none other but THE CHO.

Needless to say, she took the stage by storm and was the ultimate opener for our man, Ian Harvie who nailed it yet again on our second night of seeing him. What a BONUS for us!

If you would like to find out more about Ian Harvie check out the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW we did with this handsome man this past March. If you’ve never seen him live on stage, you have to do so before you kick the bucket. Add it to your list.

This was one of the best and most memorable weekends of my life and I know my wife will have her photo of Margaret Cho enlarged and proudly hung within the next few days, next to the one of the four of us (pictured above).

Written by TQ Nation Prez:

Tristan “SHIMMER” Skye

Join the Revolution


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