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TQ Review: Babeland Toys – “Go Girl” STP for FTMs

The Go Girl which you can purchase at Babeland Toys for only $12 buckaroos is such a great investment! I personally had tried many STP (Stand to Pee) devices and kept running (or should I say…dribbling) into problems!

No matter how much I would practice, how much advice I got, I could NOT for the life of me use an STP without dripping and having leakage! Can I get a big EWWWWWW? The Go Girl, which I nick-named the “Go Boy”, is designed to cover you completely, so NO leaks and a nice stream with no fear of having soggy boxers.

One trick many FTMs do is purchase a Go Girl and then add it to one of their old STP devices that didn’t work. Takes a little creativity, but the Go Girl can be combined with another STP in case you want to use a urinal and not worry about Joe Smith taking a peak at your pecker.

Pee in Peace with the Go Girl knowing you no longer have to squat! It comes in two colors: Pink and Khaki. Obviously, Khaki is probably the preferred color for most guys!

It is very soft to the touch and feels smooth with a hint of “rubbery” since it’s made of silicone making the Go Girl quite flexible. This is NICE considering you don’t want anything rough and tough against your most prized possession.

It’s simple to clean it: just rinse and wipe! How can you beat that? If you want to disinfect it, you can actually BOIL this sucker. If you don’t add this to another STP device, you can simply scrunch it up and put in your pocket or “man bag” for when you need it again.

Are you ready to write your name in the snow??? Order your Go Girl today from Babeland Toys and be free to pee!!!!



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TQ Nation Review: Good Vibrations (Packers & STPs – Oh My!)

Need a Packer?

I recently purchased a few items and have come to a very satisfied conclusion, so i figured I’d blog about it for the reference of others…

After being referred by a friend, I went to GoodVibes website and right away liked what I saw.

Immediately there was a tab labeled Gender Expression and there they had EVERYTHING I was currently looking for.

Their GV Soft Pack is THE MOST LIFELIKE PACKER at this price that I’ve seen in a while. They’ve got it in 3 colors, and 2 very believable and life-like sizes. I read in their review that the packer had “a slightly firmer inner core [which] allows for more rigidity to the shaft [and] result[s] in [it’s] more realistic feel”, so I was curious and wanted to see for myself. Ranging from only $24-28, it seemed like a pretty logical risk to take, so I signed myself up for a 4-inch.

As soon as I put this little guy on I felt comfortable, and SUPER passing. This thing REALLY feels real. The rigidity of the inner shaft makes it hang in a more believable manner and it fits perfectly into the harnesses (mentioned in the following paragraphs) elastic pouches so it stays in place giving the wearer confidence that his bad boy isn’t going sliding down his pant leg when he stands up….. *sigh*

An item I’ve been badly needing to upgrade in one of the everyday-undergarments used for ‘passing’ was a COMFORTABLE harness that STILL has OPTIMAL PACKAGE CONTROL. They have several genius harness options, the style i purchased has just a plain (thin in depth, thick in width) elastic band around the waist, and a simple leather section stitched to the waist-band with a little, to be frank, elastic pouch for the balls of the packer to sit in. I purchased one in this style WITH leg-straps and one WITHOUT leg-straps.

The harness WITHOUT leg-straps stays in place just fine, the leather is smooth and adjusts to your body temperature just like the material of the packer, so it doesn’t irritate and it provides a layer between you and your packer, helping in the ‘stickiness’ department that I know alot of us Boys stuck in the south have to deal with in the depths of the summer.

ALSO, my partner and I noticed, as i was about to check out the ‘cart’, that they carried an STP (Stand To Pee) device, one intended not just for fTms but for any female-bodied person who wants to pee standing up for any reason (camping, dirty bathrooms, NO bathrooms, etc.). They’re cheap and they come in a rainbow variety of colors.They’re of the most basic of concepts, just a bit of a drain/slide with a wider end that goes against you and a thinner end with a run-off spout.

So, to conclude my rating on my positive experience with Good Vibes, I give them an overall 5 out of 5 stars for swiftness of delivery, quality and availability of product, and for throwing in a free sticker [:

Written by: Dae Jedic, TQ Nation Sponsorship Director

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