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Community Meeting to Name Your New VOICE

Please join us for a community meeting on Dec. 3 to discuss what you feel is most important in a new LGBT news outlet for Atlanta, and to help name your new voice.

The meeting is set for 7 p.m. at First Existentialist Congregation, 470 Candler Park Dr. in Atlanta. Many thanks to Rick Westbrook and the good folks at First E for donating the space.

Come to the meeting and be the first to know the new name! Here’s how it will work: To submit a name for consideration, please email your suggestion to savesovo@gmail.com with “name” in the subject line. Please send your suggestions by midnight on Sunday.

We’ll narrow them down to a few choices, make sure that they aren’t copyrighted by anyone else, then you’ll get to vote at next Thursday’s meeting.

In the meantime, please keep the ideas, support and, yes, donations coming.

Here are those details again:

Name suggestions: Email to savesovo@gmail.com by midnight on Sunday, Nov. 29.

Community meeting: Thursday, Dec. 3, 7 p.m. at First Existentialist, 470 Candler Park Dr.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. The events of the last few days have certainly shown us how much we have to be thankful for in Atlanta’s LGBT community.

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SAVE SoVo: The Fight Begins to Rescue LGBT News Source

Today, I glanced at my Facebook status updates and to my delight (and surprise) I saw a new post by Southern Voice (SoVo). Over one week ago, the parent-company, Window-Media, filed for bankruptcy, leaving employees with locked doors and a note telling them the news. SoVo has been an on-the-scene, community newspaper for over 20 years and the loss grieved those in Atlanta and the southeast…not to mention, SoVo was not the only publication under the umbrella of Window-Media…sadness gloomed throughout cities across the United States.

Just moments ago, I saw the light. Actually, I saw a rainbow flag with the words “Join our Cause” typed boldly across the graphic. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and was taken to the website: http://www.SaveSoVo.com.

The first message was written by SoVo editor, Laura Douglas-Brown and is entitiled “The Future of Southern Voice”. With great optimism Douglas-Brown states, “As of today, we have a mailbox, a bank account, and a domain name — http://www.savesovo.com — that mark the official public start of our efforts. We know we can’t really save SoVo — that name now belongs to a bankruptcy court and lienholders — but we can save SoVo’s mission. We want to try.”

Towards the end of the statement, we become more aware of the new vision as Douglas-Brown writes, “Our vision now is a community-owned, community-led LGBT news outlet that focuses on reporting LGBT issues in Atlanta and beyond. We’ll publish through a robust website and a companion print publication. We’ll share more as we know more, and we want to know what you think. As I said at the beginning, it’s been a difficult week. But it’s also exciting and inspiring, and we’re ready to continue the fight. Please join us.”

The SaveSoVo post today was something very uplifting. A matching grant of $12,000 from the  Lloyd E. Russell Foundation was received to support efforts to create a new LGBT news source for Atlanta. I am sure many high-fives were exchanged this morning.

I commend the efforts of the SoVo employees that are ready to fight for this vision and bring the community back what we lost. Please help out!

To donate and submit your contact information and ideas to SaveSoVo.com, please click here.

Best wishes & support,

Tristan & Sicily Skye
Founders of TQnation.com

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Atlanta Mourns Loss of Southern Voice (SoVo) & David Magazine Today

Empty SoVo newstand on Peachtree Street. (TNT Productions)

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Atlanta Mourns Loss of Southern Voice (SoVo) & David Magazine Today

Just moments ago I became stunned as I read the latest status update posted by Southern Voice Magazine: “With deepest regret, as editor of SoVo, I have to tell you that we arrived at the office to learn that our parent company, Window Media, has shut down. While the 20 years of SoVo have come to an end, our civil rights movement is only beginning. I am personally grateful to all of the staff, and to all of you who have had the courage to share your stories. It has been the honor of my life to help you tell them.”

Southern Voice and David magazines have been a very important resource to the GLBTQ community in the south. This is not just a loss for Atlanta, Window Media was also the parent company to the following publications: Washington Blade, 411, Bitch Session, SouthFlorida Blade and Houston Voice.

Sovo.com screenshot at 11:30 a.m. this morning. (Sovo.com)

There are still a few GLBTQ magazines left standing on the southern forefront, including the newly published Gaydar magazine. Most of the remaining have a focus on the gay male community. The lesbian dominated publication, Labrys, moved to an 0nline-only readership in the beginning part of this year as it launched a social network on the popular Ning.com platform.

I am happy that I have saved a few copies of SoVo over the span of the 12 years that I was an avid reader. Personally, I had the honor to grace the cover once and my wife and I both have been highlighted within the pages on several occasions. Each year, SoVo’s “Best of Gay Atlanta” (BOGA) was a very popular time when votes cast over a couple of months would award people, businesses and more…to provide community recognition, awareness and a big “thank you”! This past year our website, TransQueerNation.com, was voted the second best social network just under Facebook. I was blown away with the honor of winning “Best Transgender Activist” since I was up against quite a few people that I personally respect and look up to.

SoVo was a master of on-the-scene coverage and was a community icon. David magazine was dedicated to the gay male community and I know this will be a sad day for so many.

This is a HUGE loss, but the memory and what they stood for will live on forever. Thank you SoVo and David from the bottom of my heart. You will be truly missed and I will cross my fingers for a come back.

Much Love xoxo,


Tristan & Sicily Skye


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