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Newt Gingrich…Be a MAN! DOMA is a CROCK!

Yeah, Newt, use your BRAIN!

This morning as I was driving in wee early hours, watching the windshield wipers blur my vision, I was listening to talk radio and heard something that made my ears perk up.

They were talking about Newt Gingrich apologizing to Evangelical Christians for his extra-marital affairs. His reasoning? He did it because of his “allegiance to the flag”, suggesting his “long hours” serving the Nation led him down the dark road of sexual temptation. Give me a break, Newt! Be a MAN…own up and take full responsibility for your actions instead of making excuses and blaming it on something else! (read all about it).

“Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has claimed that he had an affair with a colleague because he was working too hard.

The twice-divorced Republican politician was married to his second wife Ginther when he embarked on an affair in the mid-90s with blonde Castilla Bisek who is 23-years his junior.

Gingrich was at the time an outspoken critic of President Bill Clinton who had a notorious affair with 22-year-old White House intern Monical Lewinsky.”

Here we have a politician who serves our country in his THIRD marriage and who fully supports DOMA. What’s that, you ask? DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act that President Bill Clinton (yeah, him!) signed back in the 90’s which keeps marriage between a man and a woman.

In 1998, I wrote my English 101 college term paper on same-sex marriage. I had to research BOTH sides and even back then I saw what a big crock it was.

You have people who have had numerous marriages, countless affairs, telling other people that love each other they can’t get married because they are the same sex?

I heard a great quote once where someone said, “How about we tell them if we can’t get married, then they can’t get divorced.”

Even as a married trans man, I still am irked to no end by the ignorance and hypocrisy of this as I look to my brothers and sisters who are deeply in love, have been a couple for years, and still are refused legal marriage.

Some opposite-sex straight couples refuse to take the plunge until there is marriage equality, like musicians Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz. They are not alone, either.

Yes, today I’m on my soapbox! I’m P.O.ed that a drunk guy can marry a stripper in Vegas and wake up the next day and not even remember it, let alone know each other’s names! That’s marriage they are trying to DEFEND? Where’s the “sanctity” in that?!?

If you want to defend marriage and make sure there is sanctity in it – make ALL couples undergo 6 months of marriage counseling prior to marriage and have it signed off by a qualified official!

Other countries are WAY ahead of us, even the Canadians! Yet, the US of “Nay” remains in the dark ages due to people holding us back.

Oh! And I’m going to go there…guess what other minority votes AGAINST gay marriage? African Americans! People who know first-hand what it’s like to be treated like a second-class citizen. Am I comparing the civil rights movement to the gay rights movement? NO. I’m comparing the fact that minorities should atleast have the decency to stand up for one another.

Ignorance and FEAR is what breeds HATE. I have read plenty of comments directed to myself and even my wife telling us, “I hope you die of AIDS” ( and in reference to being Transgender) “That’s scary!” First off, I guess they think we’re running around having unprotected sex with random people and that’s how we will get AIDS? They don’t “get it” that we are a married couple in a monogamous relationship. But, the part that get’s me is the “scary” part. They are SCARED of what they don’t understand and instead of educating themselves, it’s easier for them to cower down and say a hateful comment to ease their “petrified” little minds.

Last time I checked, those who say cruel things remind me of elementary school kids who haven’t reached a maturity level to speak with intelligence and have enough self-control to contain their feelings, instead of igniting malicious behavior.

BACK to the subject at hand…President Obama isn’t my favorite guy who ever slept in the White House, but he has made some progressive changes for the GLBTQ community. Recently, he would not resign DOMA saying it was unconstitutional, so I’m hoping marriage equality will be around the corner! (read all about it). I want to be able see my best friends share the legal freedom to love each other and commit the rest of their lives.

Newt Gingrich suggested impeachment of President Obama over the DOMA issue stating, “President Obama overstepped his constitutional bounds when he announced he would no longer defendDefense of Marriage Act in court.” (read all about it).

New York also recently passed a law that allows Transgender couples to marry without conflict, another step in the right direction. As it stands now, there is a lot of footwork, legal changes, surgery and more in order to be able to legally get married if you are Transgender. (read all about it).

*deep breath*

I needed to vent and appreciate you listening to me. NEVER stop fighting for your rights. NEVER take less than what you deserve.

President and Co-Founder of TQ Nation

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David Letterman Mocks Amanda Simpson Resulting in Transgender Uproar!

David Letterman

Yesterday we reported (GLAAD) on President Obama’s appointment of Amanda Simpson as a senior technical advisor at the Commerce Department and some of the problematic news coverage about her becoming one of the first openly transgender presidential appointees.

Unfortunately, as coverage of her landmark appointment continues, so does the disrespectful treatment in the media.  During last night’s “Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS, David Letterman announced Simpson’s appointment and reported that she is a transgender woman. He also showed a photo of her.  The show’s announcer Alan Kalter then reacted to the news with disgust and mock horror, saying, “What? Amanda used to be a dude? My God!” He then hurried off stage to hearty laughter from the audience, apparently to go collect himself after the shock of this discovery.

Using this type of reaction to the discovery of a person’s transgender identity for comic effect appears to be a current trend in entertainment media.  We’ve recently criticized similar instances of such defamation on FOX’s “The Cleveland Show.”  Depicting people reacting in horror to transgender individuals is a dangerous stereotype for popular media to perpetuate because it contributes to the societal conception of transgender people as abnormal and deceptive, which all-too-often results in anti-transgender violence and/or discrimination when played out in reality.

We are reaching out to CBS “Late Show with David Letterman” with our concerns about this transphobic joke.  Please send your concerns to CBS at: http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

By: Anna Wipfler, GLAAD’s Transgender Advocacy Fellow

Original post: Click here


TQ Nation’s thoughts:

In a forum post today on TQ Nation, one citizen posted this:

“Anyone see the Late night show the other night?
He (David Letterman) really did a disgusting skit about Amanda Simpson, appointee to Commerce Department.
I think that we, as a community, need to tell CBS that Mr Letterman needs to apologize for that skit.
These kinds of attitudes are the ones that get trans folk killed, IMO.”

Tristan Skye SPEAKS:

We as a community cannot laugh this off like we have done in the past. In a way, it shows us that the only way society “accepts” us is by mocking us…making fun of WHO WE ARE.

Amanda Simpson should be honored for her amazing credibility and noted for her success, not made fun of. Of course, this is what David Letterman does best and has made fun of everyone in the history of time, it seems. I realize it’s a major facet of his show and fame.

Still, it’s worse to me to target and mock a minority that many people in society fail to understand. It’s makes their ignorance remain that way and tells them, “it’s okay to laugh at them!”

I will note that I give major kudos to President Obama for appointing Amanda Simpson and helping to pave the way for our transgender community. I hope this will help shed light of equal opportunity in the workplace for transgender individuals everywhere…and that it will be included in ENDA.

I guess they can laugh all they want to, but we ARE making progress!

Here’s to a BRIGHT 2010!

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Obama, HATE Crimes & Monica Helms…Oh, My!

As you watch the videos spread across the net of President Obama signing the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill into law on October 28, 2009 — again, I read pages and pages of HATE that are being left as comments beneath something I feel (among MANY others) is triumphant.

What occurred yesterday calls for a celebration. The more laws we have to protect the GLBTQ community, the more HATERS will be put behind bars and punished for their horrific crimes. It’s time for them to think twice. “The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when OPEN.”

I would now like to give a SHOUT OUT to the wonderful, Monica Helms — longtime transgender rights activist.

Monica has a fabulous blog spot that I wanted spread the word about called “Trans Universe”. She is also known for capturing video footage of many events and people. Check out her blog by clicking HERE!

Written by Tristan

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