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Two Brave Transmen Speak Out

The following letter is written by Nathaniel Joseph in regards to the blogger/vlogger known as “Dirt”. His letter was deleted from her blogger.com blog “The dirt from Dirt”. We are posting his letter here, since we at TQ Nation promote being visible, taking a stand, having a voice and not falling prey to the fear of silence.

The type of hate mongering you display breaks my heart. The reality is that an overwhelming majority of the LGB community loathe us. It’s crazy how intolerance and hate can come from those who experience it themselves. So much of this seemingly comes from your own insecurities and fears about your gender and sex being invalidated. Transmen are not implying that butch females are Trans or desire to be male (or are male in our cases). We are not saying that you aren’t valid and beautiful in your own gender and sex. Many of us adore butch dykes for great reason. Your prejudice frustrates me to no end! It’s beyond me as to why you care so much about our lives and bodies.

The intolerance and prejudice that you show Transmen is the same intolerance and prejudice that heterosexuals show you as a butch dyke. If you are cis gender and butch be proud and speak your truth; I will defend you until my dying day, but don’t try and tell me what my truth is. There is a time that I prayed everyday for years not to be Trans, because I had found a way to be accepted as a butch dyke who championed for butch females. I knew that my being Trans wouldn’t be accepted in the same way. But I couldn’t ignore it, and like so many, tried to end my life because this burden was so painful. We all know this isn’t an easy road, and wouldn’t choose it if we indeed had a choice (sound familiar Ma’am?).

Our haters think that being Trans is just something we jump into because we are uneducated or easily influenced. This is real! Transsexuals have existed as long as humans have. You, and your disciples, perceive transitioning as trendy because people are more public about it now. How many people think they don’t know Trans folk? The overwhelming majority. We know the reality is that they probably do, they just aren’t aware of them. It’s akin to the heteronormative labeling homosexuality a trend; gays have existed as long as humans have too! And, as with Trans people, the gays stopped hiding it as much and stood up for their civil and human rights (as they should!). There aren’t any more homosexual’s today than there were in the days of forced closets (which I realize still exist for many people).

Furthermore, how dare you generalize me and my brothers as misogynistic and anti-feminist! Does it exist in our community? Yes. But, it also exists amongst cis gender females and lesbians. And in both cases, I assure you, we as a community do not tolerate it. We were socialized female, many of us fought a long side you and will continue to do so. We understand the plight of being female in a patriarchal society with a vengeance towards women. We aren’t weak. We didn’t wake up one day and simply decided it’d be easier to fight as Transmen than Butch women, that is absurd. We live and fight in queer communities, as queers ourselves. Moreover, all your arguments leave out gay Transmen, Transmen who identified as Femme lesbians prior to transition, Transmen who identified as straight prior to transition, and those of us who were over 25 when we started transitioning. It is also apparent that you have disdain for heterosexuals, men, and well any non-lesbian. Yes, many have and do commit acts of hate upon us, but degrading them for their inherent sexuality and/or sex and gender is the same as them doing it to you!

Lastly, I am sickened by your McCarthy hearing, witch hunt exploits. Slapping picture of Transmen across your blog in line up form to gawk and spew hatred at is juvenile, appalling and slimey. If someone wants to do this to Butch Dykes to point and laugh at their bodies is it okay with you? You disgust me Ma’am! At this point, I am so angry and disgusted by your hate that I cannot set aside my pain and rage to be able to sway you any longer. You are just another illustration of how hate can invade even the minority and “liberal mind set.” We did not betray you, we honored ourselves.

Next, is an email I received from Elliott L.

So, I was bored and I went to the beginning of the whole “I hate transpeople and all men in any way shape or form” blogger’s blog and I think perhaps she was somehow friends or friends of friends or maybe involved with the lady whom got murdered from the butchfemme.com community by her trans lover.. Of course, that one link that the person gave you (which was the first link I saw to “Dirt”s blog) mentioned that transmen rape and murder people (which really – what social circle doesn’t have a few rapists and/or murderers? Which, is sad, but true.) So, being as bored as I was I read up on that, and while reading this “Dirt” person’s blog, there’s a lot of links between “Dirt” and people that BrainyFemme (the lady who was murdered) was friends with or talked to and “Dirt”.

Kind of interesting, though probably useless information – I guess what I am trying to say here is – Yes, this “Dirt” person probably disliked trans people from the start, but I think that maybe the possibility of her being friends with the person who was murdered by her FTM husband was something that made her start spewing extra hate. So maybe the reason she thinks we all suck is because one single and uncommon event sparked a catalyst?

For the GLBTQQAAII community, it seems that even though we’re all fighting to end society’s hate upon us there’s a ton of inner hate within the community as well and it seems to never really be issued or it’s denied.

So; in essence we’re fighting outer hate, while being bashed and drowned down by inner hate by the umbrella of the GLBTQQAAII community (not only trans people, but all sub groups of the umbrella community) which is then taken a bit lower by sub group hate (trans people saying other trans people are not trans enough or bisexuals not being gay or straight enough or lesbians not being butch or femme enough or whatever) so really, it comes down to this: As a community, we’re all killing ourselves by not really understanding that there’s no true definition of sexuality or gender; yes there’s an “average” but it seems that a lot of people like to think that they know what the definition is.

Sorry for this whole weird word vomit but it seemed interesting and I had something to say in the beginning. lol. I GUESS what I am trying to say is – Do you think there’s a way that we as a community, can stop trying to define things and start trying to live upon the basis of everyone’s different and whatever works; works – and what works for one may not work for another one? And maybe perhaps try to get all communities under the GLBTQQAAII type thing to band together and stop hating on eachother so damn much?

Not necessarily asking you for the true solution – seeing that it’s a problem I think just one person or a few people would have too much of a burden to fix by their lonesome – but I guess it’s something to muse and think upon mayhaps?


Post your comments, thoughts & concerns…


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Psycho Blogger, Psycho Videos, Psycho Butch…I just think she’s CRAZY


With all due respect to our readers, I’m throwing my “Political Correctness” out the window!

I decided to write a response, and spout out of my own, to address the blog that was written by my husband earlier this date.  Shortly after Tristan’s blog post about the “blogger.com transman hater dirtywhiteboi67”, I began to research this blogger myself…especially, after I was approached by several people who feared her retaliation after reporting her blog that is in direct violation of the website’s regulations.  I realized that she has people in fear of her and over what she might do.  I can only say that fear feeds her behavior but should not control yours.  “Dirt”, as she calls herself, is not only an obvious man hater in every sense of the word, but she has embraced her claim to women: (“I am woman hear me roar”) so much so that she takes even more offense to a “woman that wants to be a man.”

I sat down and watched several of “Dirt’s” youtube videos only to find that she is a very lost soul with some very deep rooted wounds that fuel her hate for men.  My observations based on her facial expressions, micro expressions and visible body language in her videos is that this goes well beyond her “butch pride” and into wounds that you and I can only feel through her words and posts.

As much as I choose to believe her “ignorance” and “redneck” attitude play into her overly vocal hatred toward the transgender community, I truly see that this is about her hatred for men in general.

This post is not to address her outlandish, assinine statements; instead, it is intended to address the feelings or questions her readers may have.  I know that she lives in a glass  house and as much as she throws stones she, herself, cannot handle the same ridicule (hence why negative or opposing comments are not allowed or are erased from any of her posts).

“Dirt” is only as powerful as “we” make her…meaning, if you fear reporting her or if you fear addressing her hateful attacks on our community…then I don’t want to hear you bitch about it.  Our community and the communities before us did not get anywhere or break new ground on our rights by tucking tails in between our legs and running.

Make your presence know.  Take a stand.  Eliminate what keeps us oppressed.  If you fear people like this then ultimately they win.

For you “Dirt” (whatever):
You are a white mid-forties ugly ass butch dyke man hater who is probably bipolar with borderline personality disorder that was sexually assaulted/abused as a child/adolescence. I assume the blogging and vlogging that you “think” is your outlet probably needs to be replaced by intense therapy and heavy medication.

…I’m just sayin’.


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