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NC HB2 – James Parker Sheffield Dispels Myths About Trans People

In the wake of HB2 (Transgender individuals must use bathrooms equal to their birth sex assignment) passing in North Carolina, James Parker Sheffield from Atlanta, GA invited park goers in Washington Square Park to ask him questions about his life and experiences as a trans man.

Here’s what happened. (Facebook Video via Huffpost)

Natural Transitioning: An FTM Alternative SECOND EDITION: Click Here!


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Trans Health Initiative Offering Hormone Replacement Therapy

Trans Health Initiative Offering Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fundraising efforts by local groups, the Atlanta Radical Faeries and the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, will be honored on May 19th at the First Existentialist Congregation in Candler Park from 5pm – 7pm.

ATLANTA – The Trans Health Initiative (THI) is pleased to announce the availability of Hormone Replacement Therapy to the transmasculine community. THI’s new coordinator, Sybastian Welch (a trans-identified man and advocate), and new Medical Director are committed to providing consistent and high quality health care. They reexamined protocols and integrated recommendations into the program to help realize the actual needs of the Trans-masculine community.

THI has offered sensitive and affordable health care to gender variant and intersex individuals since 2000. THI is a program of the Feminist Health Center’s Cliff Valley Clinic located at 1924 Cliff Valley Way NE in Atlanta.

The THI program seeks to reduce barriers to health care services and hormone replacement therapy for transmasculine individuals.  We offer sliding scale fees and relaxants or anesthesia for lower exams, colposcopies, biopsies and other medically necessary procedures that some clients feel may be emotionally and/or physically intolerable if they were awake.

THI follows the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association’s Standards of Care guidelines and is also informed by Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).  For more information about THI, please visit

Fundraising by local queers groups helped provide necessary funding for services. The Intergalactic Love Affair (IGLA) is a community celebration-meets-fundraising event lovingly thrown together by the collaborative efforts of the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the Atlanta Radical Faeries. The event was conceived as an opportunity to unite the passion and creative powers of a group of friends toward raising funds for queer-minded organizations in the Atlanta community. In its inaugural year, all proceeds from IGLA went to YouthPride to shine a light on the issues facing young queers in our community. This year, the event highlighted an often overlooked group in our alphabet soup – the Atlanta transgender community – by donating 100% of funds raised from this year’s event to the Feminist Women’s Health Center (FWHC) and their Trans Health Initiative (THI).

The Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, order of the Flaming Sugarbakers are 21st century queer nuns dedicated to the manifestation of cosmic joy through freedom of expression, community outreach, social activism and charitable acts. Their manifest states, “We love expiating stigmatic guilt and spreading cosmic joy. We paint our faces to express the diversity in the community and by bringing our inside expressions out and to reflect the beauty of the people we meet and serve.” The Sisters have been in Atlanta since 2009 and delight in helping our communities through condom ministries, diverse fundraisers and promoting health awareness. They are first-line fighters in the campaign for universal human rights in the queer community.  For more information, visit

The Atlanta Radical Faeries are a very loosely aligned fellowship of friends, family, mutants, and misfits uniting countless queer sub-cultures to foment community through acts of radical self-expression, love, and compassion.


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BOOK RELEASED: “Natural Transitioning: an FTM alternative”

Since 2008, a growing number of FTMs have stumbled upon an alternative founded by Tristan Skye. This alternative plan allows transmen to naturally increase the testosterone their bodies already are producing with a 3-step plan including:

  1. Supplements
  2. Diet
  3. Weight Training

Natural Transitioning has helped out many guys who are waiting to start Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), who are unable to do HRT, or who want an alternative option to HRT.

The book emphasizes the need to seek a physicians care the same as anyone doing the HRT method.

The book is released today via You can purchase a paperback copy or an online edition.

100 pages filled with information, photos and even a bonus recipe section!
Click HERE to purchase your copy today!

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Comics are NICE, but TRANS Comics are even BETTER!

TQ Citizen, Sam from New Zealand, has launched a fun and creative blog called “Rooster Tails” that depicts comics of he and his partner’s transition from female to male.

We love comics, so we teamed up with Sam and will post some of his comics every now and again on our *Shimmer, Shimmer* blog!


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Trans woman Lana Lawless aces round with LPGA

Just in time for this week’s LPGA Tour Championship, a victory for the transgender community makes a hole in one.

Lana Lawless filed suit against the LPGA on Oct. 12 in the U.S. District Court of San Francisco, a direct result of her rejected application for tour membership. The 57-year-old retired police officer suspected a violation of her rights, considering she underwent sex-reassignment surgery five years ago.

This past Tuesday, the LPGA voted an epic change to its constitutional bylaws during a players meeting to begin including members that were not assigned “female at birth.”

LPGA president Michelle Ellis noted, “This was the first hurdle. This had to be done first.”

Other sports organizations that have already amended their bylaws allowing transgender participation include the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Golf Association, the BritishLadies Golf Union and the Ladies European Tour.

LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan delivered in a statement, “Steps will be taken in the coming weeks to make the appropriate changes to the language of the constitution.”

Whether the LPGA will adopt Olympic definitions has yet to be concluded. The details of their newly developed transgender membership remains undefined.


originally posted on The GA Voice

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TQ Nation EXCLUSIVE Interview: Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie (photo credit: Kevin Neales)

If you know comedy, you know Ian Harvie. A trans funny man who has audiences rolling on the floor in laughter across the globe. If you can’t catch him in a city near you, then I suggest you  subscribe to his YouTube channel, Fan him on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter.

Sidenote: The word on the street says you should do all of that too … even if you are one of the lucky kids and Ian comes to your town! That’s your BONUS!

This summer he will be swinging by my side of town (flipping “EASTSIDE” sign) and I can’t wait to meet him face-to-face.

Besides his comedy, Ian is as real as you get. He has a humble personality and a “dripping with honey” sweetness. The kind of guy you want as your best buddy, have a “bromance” with and scream out, “I love you, man!”

Ian tackles everything from gender to politics to the funny conditions and dispositions of human beings at their core.

Here’s an example of Ian’s personal “philosophy”:

“I was born female, there is no question that I understand this. I believe that ‘female’ is a biological and legal term; while my gender is something that I get to create and modify myself. I do not consider myself ‘male’, however I do identify as a man – the two are not necessarily connected for me. These are words I like to use when describing my gender: Butch, Trans, Trans Man, Tranny Boi, and Masculine. I don’t feel like I was robbed of the correct biological sex, I believe I was born in the right body, I just may want to change it a little bit. Really, who hasn’t felt this way about some part of their body?”

Most notably, Ian was scooped up by one of TQ’s other favorites comedians, Margaret Cho (we love you & your tattoos!), and she toured with Ian nationally and internationally which then landed Ian on TV shows, gracing the channels of LOGO and CBS.

TQ Nation had the opportunity to hit up Ian with an exclusive interview. We asked 10 questions and received answers that were so honest, real and enlightening it made us want to give Ian a great big bear-hug and a” smoochie-boochie” on the cheek. We really just think he’s super! Not to mention, he’s a TQ Nation citizen! What a smart guy!


TQ: What do you believe has been your biggest role or accomplishment that has benefited the transgendered community?

IH: I hope that it’s Trans visibility. I don’t want be a comic without being a positive image.  Making people laugh and educating people are important and absolutely connected for me.

TQ: What is the craziest thing one of your fans has ever done to get your attention?

IH: I was on tour this past fall with Margaret and there was a meet and greet back stage after a show in (I think) Buffalo and this girl with a big group of her friends insisted that I spank her. She said she wouldn’t leave until I spanked her as hard as I could. She was not bare-assed or anything, she was wearing a pair of jeans, standing in the painted white, cinder block hall backstage in a big theater with all her friends standing there, waiting, like ‘come on, do it’ looks on their faces.. Our tour crew needed to get our next destination in a timely manner, so I did what I needed to do, I took a single swipe almost as hard as I could and we loaded up our van and went on our way.

TQ: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

IH: Having love and a family, still touring doing standup, maybe producing different projects, writing for others, writing on comedy shows, creating and collaborating, traveling, and frig, I hope exercising more..

TQ: Who is the one person that has played the most significant and positive role in your life? Why?

IH: There’s just not one. There’s so many, and since I’ve got the microphone, I’m gonna share.

My Mom, Dad and brothers have shown true unconditional love throughout many things that I’ve brought to them, that they didn’t understand at first. Not everyone who is Trans can say that about their parents and family. I’m incredibly lucky to have them role model what real love looks like, if I forget, I just look at them.

All of my relationships, friends, partners, partners who became friends, have all taught me and molded me to the good human I am today, I’m so grateful for all of them.

The one who was my friend and became my partner, my beautiful girlfriend Sarah, who is rarely shocked or shaken. She is my anywayfriend (which I heard last night on The Practice), the one who knows about my ego and all my flaws and she loves and accepts me anyway. I can only hope that I add to her life as much as she adds to mine.

I have to mention one of my best friends and mentors, Margaret. She changed my life in so many ways, my comedy career is definitely part of that, but she keeps teaching me things that are unrelated to comedy. Encouraged fearlessness and sharing insight just when I need it.  I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard with someone, I will always remember this time in my life.

TQ: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far in life?

IH: I spent a lot of years not being okay with my body. Thinking: ‘who would ever want to fuck me?’ After lots of therapy, getting clean and sober, being honest with myself, a commitment to spiritually feeling better, and the decision to modify my body, I think my greatest achievement is loving myself and my body for the first time ever.

TQ: Being a face in the “limelight”, what types of privacy or safety concerns have you faced? How did you deal with them?

IH: I have not experienced any privacy issues really. I think when you’re as out as I am, there’s little ‘new’ to discover, I’ve likely said it all on stage at some point. But if you mean the other translation of privacy, I live in Los Angeles, where it’s so huge (14 million people in the greater LA area), it would be a little hard to try to find where anyone lives, etc. I really think no one cares enough about me or what I’m doing to try to disrupt my life or invade my privacy or even stalk me at shows. Maybe that’s a little naïve..? But there are, of course, always safety concerns for all Trans people, and I’m no different. I do tend to watch my back a little more when traveling in places I’m not familiar with, especially overseas! I definitely rush in and out of the men’s restroom in public places. But I think (maybe falsely) because I’m soooo out, that I forget sometimes to be more concerned about my own well being. I think ‘what’s the big deal, I’m Trans’ and go about my business, but forgetting that it’s not really like that yet out there in the real world. Some day it will be like that, where little to no one cares. I look forward to that.

TQ: What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

IH: Write tons. Be funny! Always say yes, the best jokes come from new experiences.
It’s okay to be afraid, but just put it your pocket, and jump, the wind will catch you.
Trans people need visibility in the LGBT community, so if you get nervous to go on stage, remember you’re doing it for you and for them and that should help your feet move to the stage.
Be honest and leave a piece of yourself on the stage.
Love yourself like no one else.

TQ: How did you first get your start in comedy?

IH: I started in my home town, Portland, Maine at the comedy club there. I took a comedy writing/performance workshop with a great guy named Tim Ferrell. How he found me was divine for sure! He taught me joke writing structure and editing. After the class was over, I began performing right out of the gate and haven’t stopped for over 7 years. I performed all over New England and decided that I wanted to chase this dream and to do so I needed to move to LA or NY. I grew up in Maine! It’s fucking cold there, so the choice was easy for me, LA all the way. Since moving here I’ve had some great opportunities and I just keep saying yes to everything. It’s been a ball!

TQ: TQ Nation is giving you a personal soap box – What do you want to say? (include your spout outs: vents, complaints, thanks or anything you want people to know)

IH: I’m always kind of surprised that there are so many people out there that think that they don’t understand how Trans people feel. I especially love when people play confused or fascinatingly concerned when the word Transgender is mentioned. For those who think they don’t understand, I challenge them with this notion.

No one out there in the entire world feels 100% okay about their body. NO ONE! And if you do, then you’re the freak. There are so many people out there that are, what I like to call Bio Trans. These are biological women who modify their bodies to be more feminine and biological men who modify their bodies to be more masculine. When a biological woman elects a breast augmentation procedure so she can feel more feminine in her body, how is that any different than me taking mine off to feel more masculine in mine. The core feelings that motivated us to change our bodies are the same. There are so many people out there that have these feelings, what they do with them, varies from person to person but In my book, everyone is a little Trans.

When I first came to understand that I was Trans, I felt alone and I thought I was the only one who had ever felt at odds with their body. There was even a brief period for me where I wrestled with feelings of resentment, and used language like ‘robbed of the correct sex’. Which was strange coming from me because I’d always been this eternally optimistic person; being resentful didn’t suit me. So I started looking at my life, body and birth name with acceptance. At first I had to fake it and in no time it seemed to become true. I was accepting of my given, biological body, but absolutely knowing that I could, if I wanted to, change it. And since then, this is how I’ve made sense of things for me.. I believe that sex is a biological fact and gender is something that I get to create; it’s changeable, fluid, and infinite. And I am not the only person who has ever felt these ways. I think everyone has felt at odds with their given body at different times.. wanting something different, wanting something more, wanting less of.. I think everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives and our feelings are what connect us to each other; that is what make us alike and understandable to each other.

So in my book, we are all a little Trans. And if you need examples of other Bio Trans folks, just look at Cher, Dolly Parton, Charro, Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers and Bruce Jenner.

I went from feeling completely alone to feeling like this is something that we all have in common. I don’t feel so different anymore and that keeps me from feeling alone, no matter where I am.

TQ: What upcoming event/tour can your fans look forward to in the future?

IH: I am booking lots of college shows these days, so let me know if you’re school needs a Transgender funnyman. I’m working tons of Pride Festivals and Comedy Festivals all over the world. I’m headlining at mainstream comedy clubs around the country. I’ll be on some LGBT cruise ship vacations this summer and fall 2010. And I encourage all people to hit me up about doing house shows near places that I might be performing. If you want to know when and where I’ll be, please go to and look at my tour schedule.

Love you, mean it!

TQ: I love you, man!

Written by TQ Nation President, Tristan Skye


Join the Revolution:


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First Trans Man to Be Voted Canada’s Sexiest Man!

The Cliks’ Lucas Silveira

Lucas Silveira, the openly transgender lead singer of Toronto alt-rock band The Cliks, became the first transgender man to win the Throw Your Underwear Award Male (Sexiest Canadian Man) in the year end reader’s poll by Canada’s premier music magazine.

Chart Attack reported this historical event almost didn’t happen when Avril Lavign’s ex, Deryck Whibley, momentarily took the lead, but in the end lost to Silveira by over 1000 votes.

In a 2007 interview with Kathy Belge, Silveira spoke openly about how he viewed his journey, “Because of the choice that I had to make, I started looking at trans in a very different way. I feel really invisible as a trans man because I’m not able to take Testosterone. I don’t have the visual aspects that a man has, I’m not hairy, my body is different.”

“I had this really interesting conversation with a friend of mine, a trans guy. He made the decision not to go on T. He said, ‘I feel if I did Testosterone, it would make me invisible as a trans man.’ I’ve been hanging onto that because it just made me think so intensely about walking in this world having everybody treat me as male and having achieved this male privilege that a lot of guys who are trans feel like they’ve attained.”

“I started thinking about that because I feel like, not only am I a voice for the trans community going out into mainstream, but there are guys like me. We’re they guys who are truly in the middle. I’ve had top surgery, but I’m not doing T. And to tell you the truth, I don’t know if I ever will. I feel very comfortable being where I am right now.”

“Oh Yeah” by The Cliks (Brian Viglione of Dresden Dolls on drums, Tobi Parks on bass)

Original post: Click here

Written by: Veronica Lane


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