TransParent Files: The Last 4 Months

You might be scratching your head right now thinking, “the last 4 months? But, your previous post was the first 6 months. That’s 10 months, not 9.” EXACTLY. 40 weeks is 10 months and it was news for us, too, when we realized “9 months” is truly 10!

I noticed sometime in the middle of this pregnancy that I didn’t want to read the books every night like I had done before. Once I knew he had surpassed the “safer” mode of pregnancy, I realized I had already read enough to go into pre-med. The sheer, initial thrill of it all turned more into a reality as I noticed Sicily’s bump resemble Mt. Everest more and more! Now, I’m playing catch up reading up on labor and delivery….and what happens once we bring him home!

The best part for me has been feeling him move and wondering…is that a head, a foot, an elbow? Maybe it’s his butt! I have told stories, sung opera (seriously…lol) and kissed her belly so much!

Sicily has been amazing as a pregnant mother. She talks to him, sings, dances and she always is rubbing her belly. He will actually lift up like he is saying to us…”that feels amazing! Please don’t stop!”

The Queen of Lean, now with a jellybean, has still been as healthy as can be. Not to mention, she hasn’t missed a day the entire pregnancy in her 5-day a week gym routine. I’m beginning to wonder if that is where she will go into labor!


As for myself, I have slacked big time and my actions have spoken louder than my words. I have said numerous times, “This is it! I’m going to be healthy again!” Then, I find myself sleeping in, skipping the gym, and eating cup cakes. You would think that I was the pregnant one! It’s ridiculous. I think I’ve gained around the same amount of weight as Sicily, yet when she gives birth and loses it, I will still have my baby belly.

This has been a struggle for me and I wanted to write about it because I know it happens to a lot of guys. The wake up call I got happened last week when my doctor called to inform me that my cholesterol was high and I needed to change my diet. I told the nurse, “I’m not surprised…I have slacked off for almost a year now.” To which she replied, “and it shows.”


I’ve talked a lot about diet and fitness with Natural Transitioning and yet I haven’t talked about “food issues.” When I first lost 50lbs with NT, it was a dream come true. I have struggled and yo-yo’d with food my entire life and have come to realize  my deep-rooted issues with it. I am an over-eater. If I am stressed or upset, I eat. And eat. My portions are double or triple what they should be and my increased waistline is a sure indicator that I fell back into a trap from my past.

I am human, too. I sometimes have set-backs and have to pick myself up and dust myself off. I had Sicily take a photo of me the other day as my new “before” photo to encourage me to get back on track in my life to take care of myself. Heck, I have something else to live for now…my son! I want to be around for a long time!

Eating clean and exercising, I know and preach, isn’t part-time, it’s forever. I’m getting back in full gear to optimize my health and I’m letting you all be my accountability partners. I will update you on my progress.


I have started dreaming about our son! It’s crazy. Some of the dreams are kinda scary, others are truly amazing! The other night, I dreamed about him when he was around 4 years old and I woke up with a HUGE smile on my face.

I can’t wait to be a daddy! Pregnancy is the time you think about everything!

We have had to prepare for it all and finally got her labor bag ready for the hospital last week. A entire list of items! So much of this stuff I don’t have a clue about. I went ahead and tried on my wearable baby carrier just to learn how to snap it on properly. We got the car seat set up properly…the nursery ready and waiting…clothes out the wa-hoo are hanging and folded…

Picking out things, like which is the best pacifier, can get overwhelming.

We were in the store, Target, one day and literally took 30 minutes to decide on which pacifier to buy! Seriously.

His name, which we will announce when he is born, has changed like 5 times throughout the pregnancy.

Around 8 months, Sicily started to feel HUGE. Now at 9 months I have to help her a lot more. She has a hard time reaching her feet and has a difficult time going up the stairs and rolling out of bed…which she does often since he is pressing on her bladder.

She is very tired and I can tell she enjoys pregnancy, but is to the point that she is READY for him to be here already!

10 months is almost one year … and talk about anticipation for something! I mean, it really has its share of ups and downs and feelings of joy mixed with fear mixed with excitement mixed with … gosh, every other emotion you can think of.

One thing we talk about a lot is how we can’t wait to see what he looks like! We had several 4D ultrasounds that gave us a pretty good idea, yet we know when he pops out, no matter what , it will be love at first site!

Sicily has grown even closer to me during this last phase of pregnancy. She has gotten more attached and I enjoy the feeling of being needed. It’s a new type of closeness for us since usually she is more independent. I have enjoyed the bonding we share with our growing son in her belly.

Our two chihuahuas barely let me near the belly because when I make kissy sounds and talk in baby talk they think it’s for them. It’s pretty funny! I wonder how they will react when our new, bouncing baby boy is in the house? I wonder if they will experience jealousy since they have had our sole attention for years?

Our families are ecstatic along with our friends. Even my co-workers talk about it all of the time. I can tell that a baby is such a joy for everyone. A brand new life, I feel, rejuvenates the lives of those of us who have been here a while.

It will be amazing and refreshing to see the world again through my son’s eyes. To see the beauty again and the wonder and awe. We lose that as time goes along and I can’t wait to watch him become fascinated with things I usually take for granted.

This has been my random post for today to try to catch you all up on us! I’m not sure if it even flowed correctly or not, but I tried to cram a bunch of thoughts together that would turn out to make sense and I hope I accomplished that somewhat today!

The next time I write about this…he will be here 🙂 So…STAY TUNED!



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2 responses to “TransParent Files: The Last 4 Months

  1. Bianca

    2 Things. Love you guys, and Kai is ready to have his best bud here…that is all.

  2. Hey there Tristan and Sicily Skye (my two most inspirational and vaforite people in the whole world) I want to say that im very excited to hear the good news. I’m also wanting tobecome a parent and experience all of the joy you two will share when your son is born.

    Wow, you guys are very amazing, and I can never thank you enough for all the inspiration you have shown me and thousands of others. I purchased your book also and it was just as awesome as I always thought it would be. Thanks guys, and I wish you all the joy and ever lasting happiness with your son.

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