Men DO care how they look…they just don’t verbalize it as much

It’s not rocket science to know the pressures put on women to look a certain way to be perceived as “beautiful.” They spend hours getting ready. Getting their eye shadow…just right. Picking out the most flattering outfit for their figure. Eating healthier options to keep their school girl figure.

Most women I talk to truly think men have it MUCH easier. In some aspects, we do. I can get ready in half of the amount of time it takes my wife. But, I have less hair to shampoo, I don’t shave my legs and I don’t wear makeup. That buys me almost an hour more, it seems.

Yet, I am not alone when it comes to wanting to look good, be healthy and stay attractive for my mate. The guys at work are all the same. We talk about needing to hit the gym more, getting fit for the beach, getting a fake tan for a nice glow. We discuss the best place to get a haircut and on occasion, and once in a blue moon, we will join our wives for a mani/pedi.

No, not all guys groom themselves the same. I work with your typical white, conservative men and was surprised at first to learn they felt the same as I do.

We have inner envy for the guy that walks by with the six-pack abs and lean physique. We quickly glance at our wives to see if they are staring as we look down at our fluff-pack.

My wife said something yesterday that really hit me.

She said, “Most people strive to look their best when they are single. I think they should try even harder once married.”

I asked her why and she replied, “Because you have someone you love to be healthy for, to live longer for, to look your best for.”

That makes sense. We do tend to whip it into shape when we are on the hunt, but then we settle down and let our waistlines expand. Our love grows into handles.

All of this aside, I think it’s just something you have to do for yourself!

Women are hard on themselves, but so are we men. We feel we have to look a certain way to turn heads and make girls drool.

The whole thing is funny if you think about it. We all worry so much about what we look like. Yet, that all changes. Physically, we change over time. You can nip, snip and tuck, but your body will continue to get older.

Instead of focusing on what you look like, focus on being healthy…and this applies for EVERYONE.

Being in shape and eating healthy is what it is all about…the end result of a bangin’ body (and better sex life) should only be a bonus factor!

In the meantime, don’t criticize yourself when you look in the mirror. All that does is hamper your self-confidence and it makes you want to give up. Negativity is not motivational. Instead, tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for _________ (fill the the blank with “going to the gym”, “eating a healthy meal”, etc.)

Keep your chin up! You’re a champ, not a chimp!

Okay, well maybe being THIS chimp wouldn’t be so bad.

HiYa! Karate Chop!


written by: Tristan Skye


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