Packing Review: Babeland’s Best Bulge

Finding the best soft packing prosthetic is not an easy task. There are a few reputable companies that make packers at reasonable prices and I have tried out my fair share.

Some of them, I found to lose their form or retain dirt no matter how much I scrubbed it. Nobody wants a dirty “party in the pants.” Right?

I also tried some packers by themselves without using a pouch or some device to help keep it in place. That method works semi-okay in tight boxer briefs, yet I admit I have had a few packers go M.I.A. down my pant leg on several (embarrassing) occasions.

The Babeland soft pack is very realistic to sight and touch for the conservative price range of $16 – $22 depending on the size you want.

If you’re new to the packing world, I suggest NOT going for a big boy. Remember that you want a natural-looking bulge, not a bowling ball in your britches that attracts stares from passing strangers (or friends). We are told “bigger is better”, yet this is not the case for a soft pack.

I chose the “small” and, trust me, it’s big enough! I wouldn’t dare touch the medium or large unless you are a big boy yourself and need a bigger boy downstairs to help compensate. You don’t want too much snake slithering down your leg, fellas.

The only downside to this packer is that they only have it in pink/vanilla. It appears much more vanilla than pink, which was nice considering my last soft pack was soooo pink it made my eyes squint.

They do carry another product called a Mr. Right in the colors vanilla, mocha and chocolate. I hope to also review that one in the future.

Babeland carries a “cock sock” for $15 — I received a product called the “deluxe packing pouch” for $18.

I absolutely LOVE the packing pouch. Once you insert the soft pack, you can Velcro the pouch to the inside of your boxers or briefs. It stays perfectly in place and feels very natural. I thought I might have an issue at first with the Velcro attaching, but so far I’ve tested it on my extensive underwear collection and all is well. It is also easy to wash and holds up through wear and tear.

Babeland truly understand the needs of FTM’s and is very supportive in making sure we have the best of quality products that won’t hurt our bank accounts.

Out of 5 stars:

I give the soft pack a 4 only due to the fact it comes in a singular color. I give the deluxe packing pouch a 5.

Written by: Tristan Skye

Prez & Co-Founder of TQ Nation


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