EXPOSING “The dirt from Dirt”

Recently, a link was sent to me and I then discovered a blog on Blogger.com called “The dirt from Dirt” (dirtywhiteboi67.blogspot.com). Usually, I can read people’s opinions without feeling the need to post an official TQ “spout out”; however, when the blog is derived from a “Butch Lesbian”, a member of the LGBT community, and is overflowing with HATE for the FTM community, I could not be silent.

I was informed this person (who remains anonymous and refers to themselves as “Dirt” – how suiting), “tracks and attacks” those who come against her. I am taking a stand against this and using my rights exactly the same as her: my freedom of speech. If she chooses to attack me, it will certainly not be the first, nor last time in my life. Those who choose to attack others are factually known to be some of the most insecure human beings around. Psychological evidence proves that you put down others to feel better about yourself.

Dirt’s blog could have potentially been good. It appears her intention is to inform the butches out there not to join the “Trans Fad”. She doesn’t want them to fall victim to “peer pressure” and make a life-altering decision that will leave them changed in many irreversible ways. She lists mostly the cons of transitioning, yet some of it is insightful information.

Personally, I can vouch for not “pushing” or “pressuring” people into being FTM. I do see it as a major life decision and know there actually are some people who were butch lesbians, then started to transition and then stopped. The FLIP side of this is that Dirt fails to mention the many FTM’s that might not be here today if they did not have the capability to transition. Our community is flooded with suicide, just look at the recent news reports. Being transgender is very difficult for many, especially when facing potential family, relationship and job loss among others. It takes great courage for those of us who have known we were in the incorrect body for our entire life to correct it. We are not left unsatisfied and unfulfilled. We GAIN happiness and feelings of WHOLENESS that bridge the gap that once was in our hearts and soul. I do feel if a person has any doubt, they should speak to a LGBT-friendly professional to gain insight on their internal questions prior to pursuing any hormones or surgery.

Where does she go wrong? MANY ways.

I will focus my attention on a few key points.

First of all, she makes it clear it is a personal blog, not an open forum and pretty much makes it clear she will not allow certain comments. One transman, in particular, notified me that she had used his photo without his permission and when he left a comment, she deleted his comment and did not allow it to be posted.

I am not going to delete comments on this post. I encourage comments and feel we do all have the right and freedom to express ourselves, despite our differences in opinion.

I do not feel Dirt should use photos of transmen without their permission, even if they are on the internet. Especially in her posts that display a group of 9 photos showing “This Weekend’s Who is Transitioning” with her added words of, “All the young women here are injecting synthetic testosterone and some have had their breast hacked off their female bodies.”

I do not condone disrespect from anyone, especially someone within the LGBT community. The lesbians that refuse to respect people enough to call them by their preferred pronoun, truly is unsettling. They sometimes try to brush it off that they “don’t get it” or they are just “old-school”, but to me it’s interesting how these women who want to be recognized and respected for who they are refuse to pay the same respect to another.

In another post on FTM Buck Angel, Dirt refers to Angel as “she” and “woman”.

It saddens me that this individual does not follow the “Golden Rule” and actually has people who condone and enable her behavior.

To me, her dark cloud is similar to that of the dreaded, Fred Phelps.

Dirt makes it also clear she is NOT part of our community, but we are a part of hers. I can tell that truly upsets her.

She IS part of the community as a whole which does include the “T” for Transgender, and all she is doing is displaying the HATE our community does not tolerate and fights against. She is discriminating people that should be considered her family, people that have faced enough ridicule, the same as she has being a butch woman. Dirt is a BULLY. The kind that helped end the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters, except this BULLY comes from within our walls. She enjoys the satisfaction of trying to discredit and put down the minority within the minority.

The way she refers to transmen is out of pure hatred. I would say “ignorance”, but she has done enough research to be informed and educated enough on trans issues.

She has her main post which is entitled, “An Open Letter to the Trans Community” and suggests us read it prior to making a comment. Obviously, the blog is not intended for the trans community.

She wants to point out that transmen are ashamed of their female bodies and how she is truly a proud butch woman and it must scare us to hear that someone can appear to look “male” yet embrace their “womanhood”. In the same token, I wonder if she has ever thought of it reversed? How a transman is proud of being an FTM and how it might scare a butch woman to hear that. This is not a competition. I can only hope we can all be proud of who we are and be respected for whatever it is.

If she is wanting a blog that represents butch women for who they are, so be it, but remove all the jabs directed at the transmen. I feel she is outraged that butch women have even fallen within the category of transmen. To me, there is no comparison. Butch women are not transmen. Sure, some transmen were once butch women and Dirt should accept that fact and reality.

In another post, she basically tries to emphasize the fact that once on “T”, many transmen turn to sexual encounters with gay men while still having a committed relationship with a femme woman. She points out how they can contract HIV and then pass it on. She then concludes that lesbians will not want transmen and straight women will never be truly fulfilled by a transman, so they end up with gay “tops” who will be with whatever.

This is highly offensive. I personally know MANY transmen and only a small handful are gay men. Even still, why does their sexual orientation get hated on? I do NOT promote infidelity in a relationship with anyone, especially if they are engaged in un-safe sex and keeping it from their partner. Yet Dirt, is trying to stereotype transmen in the same way people stereotype lesbians and make “U-Haul” jokes, or with gay men never being faithful. We are NOT all one in the same.

Dirt’s URL says “dirtywhiteboi”. I think that speaks for itself.

Now, I am going to post several comments by other transmen (and one transwoman) on Dirt’s blog (since they were unable to comment on her blog):

Dirt is a hate-filled so-and-so who posts pictures of transmen on her blog in order to ridicule them. She thinks that transmen are just butches who hate and/or are ashamed of themselves and mutilate themselves with surgery/testosterone. She is a real piece of work, a crazy-a$$ piece of work. Also, she tracks the IPs of people who access her blog, so I’d be careful going to it or linking to it. – M

It’s gut wrenching. I came across this and could barely get through one post. She is hateful. Pure hate, to the core. It could very well be that she is hiding her own trans issues but who knows. It’s scary to think what kind of damage she is doing. It’s people/blogs like this that leave young people feeling suicide is the only option. I wish there was something we, as a community could do to stop her but, sadly, I don’t know what we could do other than report her to Blogger/YouTube etc. – A

I found this very offensive. Not in being anti-T, but being so accusatory and insulting. There is a difference between not trusting T, and insulting or using fear on those who do want this option. This is so hate-filled and this person seems to have no true understanding of what it means to be trans. I am afraid that young trans individuals will read this and be scared of admitting to themselves who they truly are, and deciding for themselves what steps to take. Obviously T is not the only option, but it is a safe option when done under doctor’s supervision. The one aspect that really showed me that this person does not understand what it means to be trans, was on the “symptom” list stating that T would “make it so you see a stranger in the mirror”. No, you start to see the person you truly are, right now I see a stranger in the mirror. She exaggerates and even makes up possible risks and symptoms of hormone therapy and rails against transgender people in a very demeaning way. Either this person is in severe denial, or really has some problems. This post worries me, it’s extremely offensive. – L

I’m hurt after reading this. It amazes me how people will be as harsh as they can be with their words and post anonymously. There are no words to describe how I feel. – B

She never mentioned the fact that “real” transmen are truly born in the wrong body… and that WE truly believe/KNOW we are male. The side effects she speaks of “we” as MEN are willing to live with, because they are the same as a bio male, which we should have been born with anyways! I could argue every point she makes about T and the effects on a female body, because I AM NOT FEMALE! – M

I hear all the time “Oh you have to realize that some people never will use male names or pronouns with you but that doesn’t mean you should be angry at them.” I am angry at people who can’t respect me. I correct people a few times, because, well there is an adjustment I realize that, but then I tell someone that I won’t respond to the wrong name or pronoun…and its worked before…over a long period of time. – D

One way we can put an end to the sickening Bully that calls themselves “Dirt” (dirtywhiteboi67.blogspot.com). It specifically states in the site’s “blogger policy” that “material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity is not allowed on Blogger.” Therefore the user is in violation of the terms and agreement and should be brought to the site’s attention as soon as possible. This can be done by following this link to report this directly to blogger.com. If we all band together, we can silence this Bully once and for all. – A

I hope as a community we CAN come together and do something about this. There is no need for a HATE blog to come from inside our LGBT walls that should be SAFE. Please do your part and report Dirt’s blog on Blogger.com.

Written by: Tristan Skye


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  3. My name is Becky and I just recently came upon Dirt and Mrs. Dirt blogs and I had already being question my gender Identity which has gotten worse since my wife passed away. I already have a hard time with who I am and their comments and blogs make me feel worse. I understand free speech but when does that right become a dagger to those who are struggling and trying to find their way. People can have opinions but they need to realized that there is consequences to their words.

  4. John

    Thank you for making such an insightful post. I came across Dirt’s hateful blog a long time ago, and am surprised that she is still so full of hatred. I have always felt that what she is doing is borderline illegal and in any case certainly generated hatred and radicalising people who need most support (not much different from a lot of radical clerics these days who dwell just on the border of legality). Like many others, I didn’t have the channel or eloquence to express the frustration and injustice I felt when reading her blog. In particular, it is just unethical to post photos of individuals without that permission when she is essentially using those images as a target for a hate campaign. These people, many young and vulnerable people, could be endangered by her actions. What she is doing is therefore purely self serving without proper thought to others. Her behaviour truly has fallen below the standard I would expect of a fellow human being. This is especially shocking given that she herself comes from the LGBT community. Can you imagine if one day she discovers her child is trans? How much pressure would that child be under to conform to her ideal…

  5. Peace be with you

    The Dirt from the dirty blog added to my paranoia about my validity as a transperson for a while. But I soon perceived the author as oppressive and hateful. If you’re in a low point and lost about your trans journey as I was, it’s best to stick to academia (Judith Butler – Gender Trouble), where you can find research and philosophy on identity. In fact Butler has commented on TERF beliefs as harmful and unnecessary. At the end of the day we are all who we are, as a society we need to focus on acceptance of ourselves and others. I urge those who are affected by blogs such as Dirt to meditate, self-affirm and follow your passions. Don’t let negativity from people, whether they are LGBT diverse or ‘straight’ make you feel bad. Let’s have an oppression free society and raise our next generation to be able to make their own choices without being penalised, bullied or oppressed. If you are feeling suicidal, I can speak from experience that there is another way, use this strong energy you have to research into your questions, (using Google Scholar, not random blogs) to expand your mind. But most importantly get your head out of the online forums which is feeding your self-doubt. I feel sorry for the people such as Dirt, as the bitterness inside them is causing a negative obsession. It’s important to remember there’s a whole world out there…

  6. Keith Ibotson

    Lynn Marie Baker (dirt from dirt) writes a sensationalist blog with multiple weekly posts demarcating anti-transgender rants. He writes his posts with the intention to “dismantle the constricting Gender Straight Jacket that is binding and gagging the female experience”. He writes provocative blog posts that personally shame and ridicule transgender children, transgender adults, and professionals who help transgender people. He purposefully denigrates the individuals by calling them by their birth pronouns and names (if he knows what they are) and proudly claims it is for “the benefit of society”. If you correct him on pronouns he deletes the comments and claims he will decide what pronouns the individual should be addressed by. In the end, nobody really cares about incorrect pronouns being used, as transgender people aren’t that thin skinned. However, if you mis-pronoun him he becomes quite irate. I choose to call her by him because it is well known in his personal circles that he used to take testosterone himself. Due to his own ambivalence around physical transition he decided to stop taking testosterone and began posting anti-trans videos and blog posts. The ambivalence he feels is common among lesbians in his age range as their identities are deeply rooted in the lesbian community.
    Originally, his intentions were probably meant to help provide others who are gender variant and feel in-between genders some hope. However, due his own background being raised by fundamentalists he quickly turned into black and white thinking regarding gender expression. His black and white defensive structure is seen throughout his entire blog posts which indicates a long history of trauma. It’s hard to feel sorry for him though due to his ongoing assaultive behaviors towards others. It would be different if his blog posts consisted of general information about transition and he came from a actual “do no harm” perspective. However, he moves into a position of harm quite quickly as he becomes triggered by those individuals who transition from female to male. It is no surprise that he has been focusing his blog posts primarily on the female to male transgender individuals and personalizing attacks against them.
    Lynn is cut from the same cloth as Donald Trump. It’s as though they are related. Lynn uses similar rhetoric in making fun of the underserved and those who are the most vulnerable. Transgender people are the most discriminated against population currently in our society and are at the most risk. Mr. Baker goes after the most vulnerable because this is the most vulnerable issue he deals with. Being conflicted about gender. He is in a relationship with a self-proclaimed psychologist. I say this because she refuses to let everyone know her real identity for fear of public assault and harassment. Yet, she joins her husband in abusing vulnerable people to express their joint agendas. Mrs Dirt knows that she upheld an oath “to do no harm” and that if she really is a psychologist, she is in clear violation of legal and ethical codes of her profession. Hence, she won’t allow her name to be publicized.
    Their latest agenda is pointing out “real lesbians” not “straightbians”. Another internalized conflict projected onto others. They claim that lesbians who have had sex with men, who support transgender people (in any way), and other random idiosyncrasies disqualifies you as a “real lesbian”. A few months back it appears they were sitting around looking at their bookshelves reminiscing about their dyke days in the 80’s and early 90’s. They looked at all their lesbian literature and realized that their world has changed. Yes, there are more than two choices for gender and yes, some women are bisexual and yes, Queer is a new identity. Sadness quickly turned to rage and they posted a series of posts that denounced women and their sexuality. Describing many iconic writers as “fake” or claiming that they are pussy pirates stealing money from the lesbian community. This pointless blog series proved that they are more disturbed than thought before. Their obsession with the Arian sisterhood of lesbianism is diabolical. Much like a Nazi who is going around asking for identification to ensure that they are truly “one of us” is exactly why we have a president like we do today. They have no tolerance for “otherness”. These two disturbed individuals must criticize and become cruel to those who don’t identify exactly like they do. It must be quite conflictual to be married to a man and yet hold staunchly the notion that you are still “lesbian enough”. I am not referring to the butch femme dynamic that sparks their attraction but I am addressing Lynn being a man which is much different than actually being a butch lesbian. Although she claims the butch lesbian identity pretty firmly, clearly he has deep rooted conflicts or she wouldn’t be so triggered and reactionary to transgender people. I could care less how he identifies but then again I’m not writing hate blogs about how other people should live their lives. In addition, I am not stalking children to shame them online and encouraging self-hatred. I believe Mr. Dirt should hold onto his own self-hatred and Mrs. Dirt should hold onto her own anxieties about being with a man. This would save the rest of us from enduring a hate blog about how you are the only two lesbians left in the world of your Arian nation lesbian world. It is not our fault you call him daddy at night and he dreams of transition. That’s your own conflict to hold.

  7. Tracy

    This asshole is still around? I remember finding Dirt wayyyyy back. Been years. And sadly her ass is still spewing shit that would make the late Fred Phelps cringe. I still think she’s a closet FtM herself who is terrified to admit it and is lashing out at the Trans community as a result.

    Need a surefire way to get rid of her? Check to see if any of those pics she posts are of minors. If they are she can wind up in serious trouble.

  8. Anon


    Everyone needs to report Dirt or Dirt as offensive before I kill myself reading this awful blog. I can’t. I can’t even. I’m spinning and clearly she is trying to psychologically and emotionally destroy those who are prone to suicide. I’m spiraling down… down…

  9. heidi owens

    Thank you Tristan . Someone sent her blog to me. She stole my picture and stole info too. she lie in blog.to make me look bad .like my life was jerry springer movie. I don’t know who she is. I never talk her ever. every body got past but not way she putting it. She has no right do this . I have reported her . but Facebook and Google won’t do anything. she a bully. I tried leave a comment she takes it off. How do stop her. She is lowest of low.She a real tran hater

  10. Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, awesome blog!

  11. gaytransguy

    Dirt also refuses to recognize that some trans men, such as myself, have never felt attraction to women, been part of the lesbian community, or have ever desired penetration by straight men. I wrote a comment asking her “explanation” for someone like me, a masculine trans man who has wanted to penetrate feminine gay men with the penis I felt I should have had. I had felt this way before testosterone and also felt this primary dysphoria way before puberty. With puberty, of course, it all got way worse. I got no response from dirt because I don’t fit into her schema that all trans men used to be butch lesbians who liked femme cis women. Without t and multiple surgeries I wouldn’t be here today, in a wonderful relationship with a queer feminine cis man for years, and able to look at myself in the mirror without wanting to die.

    • gaytransguy

      Oh, and I know plenty of trans guys who knew they liked men before physically transitioning, but also did not want to be penetrated EVER and despised the idea of being “the girl” in a relationship with a cis straight dude who would expect that. Testosterone and surgery didn’t turn these trans guys gay as dirt would have people believe, it merely made it possible for these guys to express their true attractions. When you are assigned female at birth and are boyish, you are told by everyone around you that you are a lesbian even if you aren’t attracted to girls. I know this happened to me as a teenager.

  12. Hello! My name is Al Rook and I feel that I have an explanation for this behavior, but first let me introduce myself. I am an FTM, and I own a blog called “LGBTCF – a site for the rest of us” aimed at child-free LGBT individuals.
    I feel that this individual is suffering from what I like to call “middle sibling syndrome”. Lesbians were a lot more oppressed in the past than they are now. We, as transgendered people now face the task of starting a movement all our own. A transphobic LGB individual is simply taking their frustrations out on the less protected social group (that’s us) because cis-gendered homophobes have given them a hard time. That being said, I do not condone her behavior, but I feel she is suffering from some mental disturbances directly related to her own personal experience with social stigmata towards butch lesbians.

  13. This is dirtywhiteboi aka Lynn M. Baker from MI:

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  15. Cinnamon

    Her worst post, in my opinion, is the one where she attacks author Kate Bornstein after she was diagnosed with cancer. Dirt insinuated that it was the oestrogen therapy that had caused the cancer (“CONFIRMED: BEING TRANS CAUSES CANCER”), as if no cis people ever get cancer. Not only did Dirt use masculine pronouns for Bornstein, but she also used her old name.

    Whatever one’s political views on transsexualism, surely people should lay off trans people when they’ve been diagnosed with a terrible disease? Surely anyone with an inch of humanity in them would realise that Bornstein had enough on her plate? To illustrate my point, Cathy Brennan donated money to Bornstein’s chemotherapy fund. We all know that Brennan is, let’s say, hardly sympathetic towards trans people. Yet if even she knows when to lay off then I think that says an awful lot about Dirt and her lack of basic humanity. Being willing to exploit a cancer victim for promotion of a political agenda really is the lowest of the low. Only someone devoid of morality could even dream of such a thing.

  16. I have unfortunately come across many people with a similar attitude in the queer scene over the years, in spaces where I would have thought people would know better. Though what I’ve come across more often is the slightly different idea that anyone can identify as any gender they want and express themselves in any way they want, but if they alter their body in any way then they are conforming to the oppressive gender binary and “normalising” themselves. The amount of hate and assumptions is very similar though.

    Last night I posted a comment on her blog, which was deleted, pointing out a flaw in the logic of her and other commenters. She constantly talks about how trans people are a new phenomenon, which is blatantly not true and I pointed out that there have been men who lived as women and women who lived as men throughout history. I recieved the comment (from BadDyke):

    “Except what does ‘live as a man’ MEAN in this context? What can it mean but — be mistaken for a man, hence can escape from female gender stereotypes (and be captured by male ones). If we didn’t have such gender stereotypes to start with, then the phrase would cease to make any sense. If everyone was just free to be whatever type of human being they wished to be, then ‘living as man’ would just become the slightly peculiar urge to use washrooms that didn’t have the plumbing that exactly fitted your plumbing.”

    I pointed out that if this was true, and the only real difference between men and women is the bathroom they use, then how can anyone identify as a woman or even feel proud to be a woman? You can’t have it both ways and say that one the one hand gender is meaningless and on the other hand people born with vaginas and ovaries should be proud to be women and should always identify as and be refered to as women.

    I know that comment wasn’t by Dirt so it might not be something they agree with, but the fact that my reply was deleted (and the above comment wasn’t) implies to me that it’s something they don’t want to be challenged on or to have to think about too much.

  17. Bri

    She goes on Youtube and types “FTM” and “FTM intro video” into the search box, simple as that.

    How dare you make assumptions about someone else’s gender identity? I don’t agree with Dirt’s opinions or what she does, but you have no right. Dirt is female. Dirt is not trans, Dirt is not a transman, Dirt is not FTM. The way you dress, act and look has nothing to do with gender identity. Please re-think your idea of gender identity vs gender expression (i.e. one can be a woman and dress, act and look “feminine” or “masculine” or somewhere in-between; there is no rule saying that to be a proud woman you have to clothe and conduct yourself in a certain way) and also your apparent rigid adherence to the gender binary (i.e. males act a certain way, males look like *this*, males dress like *that*, females don’t act like *this*, females dress like *that*, whatever. It’s a very limiting way to look at the world. Free yourself from it).

    You calling Dirt “he” is as disrespectful as her calling FTMs “she”. You’re both hypocrites.

  18. Jayr

    ok so i didnt read the whole post but umm how the heck does she track down ftms, i mean i live in canada in the middle of no where lol id laugh my ass off if i found her on my front porch, than beat the shit out of her Xd (just kidding im not violent only for self defense) but yeah someone explain this to me? thanks!

  19. Nicky Turner-Sterling

    You can prove copyright by making sure every single one of your YouTube video’s and every single photograph you ever publish, and every blog you write, has a copyright symbol and the year the video/photo/blog, was filmed/taken/written. Its as simple as that. I highly suggest anyone in the community who openly blogs/vlogs or whatever does this.

    You can even do a little spiel on your blog about how your work is copyrighted and mustn’t be copied or used without your express permission.

    © Copyright 2011.

    You can even go so far as to get a copyright license for your publications.

    You can actually contact Blogger directly as this will have more of an effect.


  20. Tyler

    *sry for commenting so late
    I’ve been looking into “Dirts” stuff for a while now. And i’s just like to say that HE is such a hipacrip. Dirt claims that he’s proud to be a woman. but really he’s just a transphobic transman himself. He dresses male, acts male, looks male. He is a male.
    It’s just rediculas that he’d go as far as making his blog this bad.
    and the 9 pic’s that he puts up about “who’s transzisioning now” thing i can bet that its so is transphobic people like him can comit hate crimes to them.
    Just my oppinion.

  21. micah

    What fascinates me more than anything else, more than the hatred (which honestly reads a lot like internalized transphobia) is that Dirt claims to be a feminist. Every now and then she will allude to feminism as being the saving grace that will make trans individuals evaporate, or has even posted job openings for professor positions within university systems and their Gender Studies/Women Studies departments. While I agree that feminism isn’t a monolith, all I can say is HOLY SHIT, can you not see that the same transphobia and gender/sex essentialism as well as homophobia that you (Dirt) post is destructive, and is at the core of everything that hurts the LGBTQ community?! How does one miss that?! I’m appalled that this person would even consider herself a feminist. And I pray that none of her followers ever gets offered a job within a gender/womens studies department.

    Someone needs to go back and take Sex, Gender, and Sexuality 101 again.

  22. Lance

    Thank you, Tristan. Just… Thank you!

  23. Joe

    I came across this woman’s blogger after seeing the outrage that had poured from the trans community.
    So i decided to check it out for myself today.Wow,how ridiculously cruel does one person need to make themselves out to be.She may be well educated but NOT within transsexual studies.Anyone can GOOGLE anything from the internet and find information on the subject they are looking for and that is exactly what she has done.This woman does not have a PhD,so who is she to tell ppl that we are mentally ill and that we are a cult cuz all this crap she is spewing is to hype up and entertain her readers with her propaganda b.s.Everything she says about the trans community is just a rumor.Until she certifies that she has a Ph.D in transgender studies,i’m not going to listen to a word she has to say.Maybe if she got f*cked every once in awhile,she would loosen up a bit.She comes off very hostile and bitter not only towards transmen but men in general.So to all you guys out there,don’t waste your valuble time on trying to contact her over the garbage she writes about us because all you’re gonna get is a headache.I wish i would’ve done the same thing when i asked her to watch a segment of 20/20 about children who feel like they’re in the wrong bodies,but then again it would’ve just fallen on deaf ears and she would’ve written her own views about the subjects.And to all my brothers out there,i can say that i am proud to be a part of such a strong community.To all my transpeople and allies,UNITE

  24. J Divine

    I found it interesting that she hasn’t personally tried to attack anyone who I consider my role models (i.e. Jace or Tristan). She seems to go after newly transitioning guys and feeds off their uncertainty and more apparent insecurities. She needs to pick on someone her own size, not the guys who are still slowly trying to find themselves.

    Keltik is right. I’ve read many of the “Open Dirt” comments, and I’ve seen the efforts to embrace her as a lost, fellow human being. I’ve also seen attacks to her personal philosophy and way of thinking. You cannot out-rationalize someone who so deeply embedded, and “imprisoned,” as she calls it, in their own ways.

    She is very intelligent and well read. Therefore, trying to out-smart her is a lost cause. She will only manipulate and use all the hyper-feministic vocabulary she can find until you’ve given up arguing.

    So yeah guys, I applaud speaking out and making everyone aware of Dirt. But in the end, the continuous bashing of her on all forms of media only promotes her and hate.

    I keep it clean, and brushed “Dirt” off my shoulder.

  25. Ive reported her in the past, blogger dont care. Shes been around for a long time, she was on LJ before. I honestly believe she’s got some form of mental health issue. Comparing her to Phelps is spot on, it’s just unrationalised crazy, pure hate with no factual basis. With regards using peoples pictures, from what I understand, the law is stupidly difficult to harness in this situation. You need to prove copyright, take it to court, its a very long, expensive and usually fruitless excersice. She feeds on the attention, the more you attack her, the more she believes she is right and justified in her pursuit. Ive found the best attack is to ignore her, give her no attention.

  26. Cody

    I ranted about Dirt’s blog on facebook earlier today. This is the censored version:
    I am not a transman because of internalised misogyny. I am not a transman because of internalised male-centrism. I am not a transman because I believe I have no other options in a male dominated world, nor for any of the other myriad of “reasons” given by this blogger. I am a transman because I am a male born into a body that truly does not fit. I don’t want to transition so that I can integrate and be accepted. I’m gay for f***’s sake. I don’t want to be invisible once I can “pass”. I plan on shouting from the rooftops, “Hey Y’all! I’m an out, proud, gay *MAN* and I have a c***!” I am a man because gender is more than just the bits you’re born with or the chromosomes you carry. If we are not more than the sum of our parts, then we are ultimately nothing.
    Anyways…thanks for the “spout out”…perhaps someone, someday soon, can find the words that will get through to Dirt and just possibly change her mind. Here’s hoping!

  27. Eli

    I second Jace’s comment.

    I read some of this blog and I was speechless. It hurt me to my core, and prompted me to do “something”. I found the link yesterday to report her and did so.
    But I know in my heart that is not enough.

    With so many suicides and bullying reports recently, those of us who can, need to speak up and stand up.
    We need to continue to have resources for T people and the rest of the world to learn and understand, just like TQ Nation.

  28. Thanks Tristan. You said everything that I’ve been thinking since I read her posts. Now that I see the link, I’m going to report her. She’s a waste of space on this planet; I’m sure others agree but that’s just my opinion

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