Body Dysphoria is Universal

I was reading an article last night about the majority of people (around 75%) are not happy with their body. This average was also estimated with elementary school children. They blamed magazines since they have truly impacted the way people view themselves. Even men now have a “look” they feel they must obtain in order to be socially attractive.

I found this very interesting since most of us within the transgender community experience what is called, “body dysphoria”. We are not unlike the majority of the rest of the population. We are certainly not alone.

One part of this equation I find most disturbing is the “skinny craze”. It’s one thing to be fit and healthy and quite another to obsess over food and the need to be thin. It can control and take over your life.

Myself, I have fluctuated from thin to average to obese over the years. Currently, for health’s sake, I am trying to rid myself of extra belly “fluff” – but, after that I’m good to go.

Some trans men try to be super thin to lose all of their curves and have a more masculine physique. I can honestly say, you don’t have to starve yourself to obtain that. You can change your body at the gym! It’s amazing what certain weight training exercises can do to manipulate your current body.

I look at my wife’s body and most FTM’s would love it (minus her chest, obviously…and another part). She is a natural bodybuilder and her physique is very muscular, vascular (veins bulging) and she has muscles most women do not – like the “boy muscle” the V shape of your side obliques that point to your package…six-pack abs, arms that are truly called “guns” and much more. And, she’s a female – no steroids, no testosterone…and she doesn’t even use creatine. Sure, it didn’t happen overnight, but her body shows me what I can do. What I can truly obtain.

The bodybuilding motto: “The body can achieve what the mind can conceive” is very true.

The main thing I want to get across is this: Get the body you want in a HEALTHY way. No other way is worth it. Your life is too important to lose early due to malnutrition or an eating disorder.

If you struggle, don’t be too proud to get help. Find a local support group atleast. Join and talk to others who can help. That is a great website!

I’m over the air-brushed magazines and photoshopped models. Don’t try to look like something THEY don’t even look like in real life.

Envision yourself with a realistic viewpoint of a body you CAN achieve. Then, do it. Get a routine and stick with it.

Change your life. It’s not too late.

Written by: Tristan Skye
President and Co-Founder of  TQ Nation


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