TQ Nation EXCLUSIVE Interview: Buck Angel

TQ Nation had the pleasure to interview ‘the man with a vagina’ himself, Buck Angel.

Buck Angel changed the world in his transition from a female runway model to the biggest pioneer in the adult entertainment industry as a FTM (female-to-male) entertainer.  Buck Angel is known for his establishments and his desire to educate others.  He is a world-renowned artist who has been celebrated and acknowledged for his work and accomplishments.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you subscribe to Buck Angel’s YouTube channel (covering everything from his career to his personal stories and FTM-specific informative videos), Fan him on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter. Of course, you also need to go directly to his additional websites BuckAngelEntertainment.com and BuckAngel.com and to catch his latest videos, news, events, and photos!

Personally, I believe that Buck Angel is a revolutionary entertainer.  He has opened the eyes of the world to a completely “taboo” part of our community.  FTM’s have had a tendency to stay in the shadows of the public eye and even the acceptance of the GLBTQ community; however, with the leadership and public demand for a performer such as Buck Angel it has been a groundbreaking experience and illumination for the world.

Buck Angel is a very down to earth guy with a caring heart when it comes to mentoring his fellow female-to-male audience. Buck’s constant desire to educate and teach others has brought him notoriety in itself. The growing popularity of his tutorials and helpful vlogs on his personal YouTube channel is just one example. He also was recently asked to speak at Master’s Tea as part of Sex Week at the prestigious Yale University.

This year, Buck Angel was nominated for both the AVN and the XBIZ awards for Best Transsexual Release and for Transsexual Performer of the Year.  He has started his own projects and productions that are currently in development and on the road to igniting Transsexual awareness and entertainment on fire.

TQ Nation had the lucky opportunity to pin down (*wink) Buck Angel for an exclusive interview. We asked 10 questions and received answers that were intelligent, thoughtful and inspirational. Buck Angel is highly respected and admired for his efforts and mentoring within our community. Not to mention, he has changed the face of porn and he’s a TQ Nation citizen!

TQ Nation

Exclusive Interview

TQ: What do you believe has been your biggest role or accomplishment that has benefited the transgendered community?

BA: Self-Esteem! I have watched how in the beginning, most transmen did not like what I was  doing, but today I get so many emails thanking me for helping them to overcome their self loathing and total disregard for their bodies. It feels like I have given trans men an empowering vocabulary that they can use to describe themselves and to be proud of their identity. Many trans men are now using terms or phrases that I introduced through my work years ago in order to hook up with other guys: They are calling themselves  “A man with a pussy” and using it as hot sexy currency to attract other’s…It’s great!

TQ: What is the craziest thing one of your fans has ever done to get your attention?

BA: Honestly, I don’t really have any crazy fans. My fans are extremely respectful of me and my private space. It is kind of funny, because when I go to events to meet my fans, they are usually shy to approach me and I always have to make the first move!! It’s very sweet and cute to see how people act around me because I really don’t think of myself as being removed. I am actually very approachable.

TQ: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BA: Doing what I am doing! Changing the world through my films. I am moving more into making documentary films, but I will always have my hand on my sex work because I love it so much; I also think that sexuality is extremely important for us trans people… It has really helped me to feel good about myself and made me such a strong person, that I can see it being tremendously empowering for other trans guys.

TQ: Who is the one person that has played the most significant and positive role in your life? Why?

BA: By far my wife! Without her support from day one I would not be where I am today. When I came to her with the idea for “Buck Angel The FTM Pornstar”, she was totally blown away and thought it was brilliant. After about a year of doing it – getting nothing but hate mail and no support – I was ready to quit; but she was the one who told me to hang tough and that the work I was doing would some day change the world. Damn it, she was right! She never gets jealous, which, of course, is something that we, as a couple, get asked all the
time. I feel like the luckiest man in the world: She is bright, sexy and funny. We are basically soul mates.

TQ: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far in life?

BA: My Marc Quinn sculpture. He is an amazing artist and he made a life size bronze nude sculpture of me, which is currently being exhibited at the Armory Show in NYC.  I think it is the first sculpture of it’s kind in the world. It is getting so much international press because I think that people are seeing for the first time what a naked transgender man looks like ( with a vagina!) How amazing is that. 

TQ: Being a face in the “limelight”, what types of privacy or safety concerns have you faced? How did you deal with them?

BA: I just spoke at Yale University and I received e-mails from people threatening that hey were going to kick my ass when I arrived..
Well, I just thought they were idiots and paid no attention to them; but Yale took it very seriously and had police stationed outside at every event that I attended.

On a daily basis, I will get some nut job sending me hate mail, telling me that I am what is wrong with the world today. But you know, it does not bother me; I figure, if I can get people that crazy or worked up about what I am doing, then I must be doing something right! I am told that I should take these things a bit more serious, but I refuse to live my life in fear of these people. I had to live in hiding for so many years because of society’s outdated rules.  So, I do not let it effect my daily life.

TQ: What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

BA: Think it through and don’t just make any movie. Make sure you realize that this will be a part of your life forever. It is an awesome profession and I have made so many great friends, but, with that said, there are many folks out there who do not care about you; they are only concerned about making a buck off you.  So have your head on straight, know what you want and practice safe sex only!

TQ: What inspired you to make your bodybuilding videos? Your physique is highly admired by transmen everywhere, what is the most important thing you have learned about bodybuilding as a transman?

BA: Thanks so much! Well I was getting so many emails from guys asking that question “How do I get a body like yours?” and you know, I realized I basically had to learn all by myself how to create the body I wanted. The doctors don’t tell you anything about the effects of testosterone on your body. Without working out and eating right you will just add fat. I want to help guys not go through what I went through and basically provide accurate information so that they can make healthy choices make . I would say one of the most important factors for my body was food. That can make or break your muscle growth. Eat healthy with one day off for pizza or whatever is your favorite junk food.

TQ: TQ Nation is giving you a personal soap box – What do you want to say? (include your spout outs, vents, complaints, thanks or anything you want people to know)

BA: HAA!! That’s funny because I am the kind of guy that speaks my mind and I never need a soapbox to do that. I would have to say that I really feel happy to see more of the trans men community coming around to support me.

It was a bit harsh in the beginning when I had to deal with all these hostile guys. I came to realize that community can be a bit of a burden and basically a barrier keeping trans guys from growing into individuals. I think it is so important not to do what the next guy is doing just because he says “ that’s how its done “…Be an individual! Make changes the way you want NOT the way the “community” is telling you to.

Gender and sexuality are such a broad spectrum.

TQ: What upcoming events, appearances or movies can your fans look forward to?

BA: I am off to Portland and Los Angeles to do shows and filming my new documentary on transmen and sex. You can read more about there here.

Then I am finishing up my next film called “Buck Angel’s Tattooed and Screwed”.

After that, I head to Amsterdam and Finland to perform; then off to London for the opening of the Marc Quinn Show.

In June, I will be speaking at a conference called IdeaCity10 in Toronto, which I believe I am the first transman to do so.

Then I will be a part of Pride Toronto, with my own vehicle in the Parade. After that I think I need a break!

Thank you so much for the interview and make sure to check out all my websites!


Join the Revolution: http://www.transqueernation.com


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    The first sentence of this article irks me. He dubs himself “the man with a pussy.” If you’re going to write about a topic such as this, don’t try to tone it down just for political correctness’ sake.

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