TQ Nation Contest: WIN A FREE BINDER!

TQ Citizen, KissChittyBangBang, is going to give ONE LUCKY DUDE an Underworks Binder of their choosing for FREE!

…by KissChittyBangBang

“I dated a guy who didn’t have a binder. He used an ace bandage before we got one and it really upset me to see the bruising.That put alot of stress on us both. It didn’t help with dysphoria and didn’t do the job very well either, but it was something. He’d rather be in pain and have SOMETHING than wait. I was so worried. When we got his first binder, it was such a relief. The worry and everything really left it’s mark on me. Even now, the stuff he and I went through has stuck with me. I think about it alot.

I also think about how he’s not the only one like that. I know there are guys struggling and are still using ace bandages because they can’t afford binders. That scares me. I can’t buy a binder for every guy out there, but if I can help out one guy it’s SOMETHING. I still care about this community and want to do what I can.”

How To Win?

If you are not a citizen yet of TQ Nation, Click HERE.

If you are a citizen of TQ Nation: log in and fill out the contact form on the TQ Contest page under the “FEATURES” tab and include YOUR story – tell us a little bit about yourself and why you need a binder! The dude with the best story (and most sincere) will be our winner!


Must be a TQ Nation Citzen / Only post one story — Contest Begins on Feb. 1st and ends on Feb. 25th — Winner will be announced on March 1st!


Sidenote from Tristan: We have already received MANY entries and they are wonderful! Please keep ’em coming! We might have to make this a regular contest on TQ Nation!!!


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