First Trans Man to Be Voted Canada’s Sexiest Man!

The Cliks’ Lucas Silveira

Lucas Silveira, the openly transgender lead singer of Toronto alt-rock band The Cliks, became the first transgender man to win the Throw Your Underwear Award Male (Sexiest Canadian Man) in the year end reader’s poll by Canada’s premier music magazine.

Chart Attack reported this historical event almost didn’t happen when Avril Lavign’s ex, Deryck Whibley, momentarily took the lead, but in the end lost to Silveira by over 1000 votes.

In a 2007 interview with Kathy Belge, Silveira spoke openly about how he viewed his journey, “Because of the choice that I had to make, I started looking at trans in a very different way. I feel really invisible as a trans man because I’m not able to take Testosterone. I don’t have the visual aspects that a man has, I’m not hairy, my body is different.”

“I had this really interesting conversation with a friend of mine, a trans guy. He made the decision not to go on T. He said, ‘I feel if I did Testosterone, it would make me invisible as a trans man.’ I’ve been hanging onto that because it just made me think so intensely about walking in this world having everybody treat me as male and having achieved this male privilege that a lot of guys who are trans feel like they’ve attained.”

“I started thinking about that because I feel like, not only am I a voice for the trans community going out into mainstream, but there are guys like me. We’re they guys who are truly in the middle. I’ve had top surgery, but I’m not doing T. And to tell you the truth, I don’t know if I ever will. I feel very comfortable being where I am right now.”

“Oh Yeah” by The Cliks (Brian Viglione of Dresden Dolls on drums, Tobi Parks on bass)

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Written by: Veronica Lane



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6 responses to “First Trans Man to Be Voted Canada’s Sexiest Man!

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  2. Mike McDaniels

    Hey! I’m still a damn girl but in the future I REALLY consider FTM when I manage to save enough money. Currently I’m doin’ regular cross-dressing and I feel a boy 😉 in my opinion there is no point to feel akward about trans people ‘cos they’re human beings and why do we kind of “tolerate” anorexia, but not gay/lesbian or trans woman/men? It’s the state of brain and a VERY (trust me) unpleasant accident that a wrong tiny X sperm got first to the egg first… But we live in the XXI century and that means some priviledges in this field! Best wishes!!!

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  5. Great post! I really enjoyed this topic and can’t wait to read more!

  6. OK, these chicks are attractive however these give it up. Just see Faye Baroldy

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