Prayers, Love & Support Needed for Trans Brother!

The following is a blog entry about the recent news of one of our Trans brothers, Dr. Maxwell Scott Anderson. He is an amazing man and highly respected and loved by our community. Please send out your prayers, positive thoughts, love and support!

Update, Tuesday Evening 12/22/09
Posted in Uncategorized by Stormie on the December 22nd, 2009

On the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009, Maxwell collapsed at home. He was unable to call for help and spent the next several days alone in his apartment… unable to care for himself. Friends tried to contact him to no avail. On Monday, one of his friends called me at work and asked if I had spoken to him. I had not spoken with him in several days and was concerned and thus, I investigated and found that he had not posted on Facebook and his phone was ringing directly to voice mail. By the time I reached the conclusion that there may be something wrong, it was late and the apartment office was closed (I had no key).

The next morning, Carter and I went to Maxwell’s apartment to try to see if he was ok. His car was parked in front of the apartment. We knocked on the door several times, but he did not answer. Fortunately, I was listed as his emergency contact person and therefore, the apartment manager was willing to have a maintenance person go and check on him. He was able to make it to the door after several minutes. He was weak and disoriented. We called the paramedics and he was taken to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.

I had to work today, but Carter was able to spend the day at the hospital and she was able to talk to several doctors first hand. Maxwell had a CT-Scan and an MRI that revealed that he has an aggressive brain tumor called a ‘glioma‘. Based on the information we have most recently been given, it is inoperable and terminal. Tumors of this nature double in size every 90 days, causing increasing disability and eventually, death. Additional tests are being run which may change some details.

Maxwell knows about the tumor, but his cognitive abilities vary from moment to moment and he may not be able to fully comprehend all that is going on. He is afraid and needs support now more than ever. We would like for him to be surrounded by friends and family… his chosen family… in this, the most difficult time of his life.

We will continue to update the blog as we have new information. As of today, Maxwell is in Neuro-ICU at Kennestone Hospital on Church St. in Marietta. His room is in Green Tower… G-365. He can have 2 visitors at a time. However, no visitors are allowed during shift change (6:30-8:30am AND 6:30-8:30pm). Our feeling is that being surrounded by loved ones will help him more than anything else at this point.

We are also in need of legal assistance for Maxwell in regards to his employment. If you or anyone you know is familiar with labor law and can offer pro bono legal services, please let me know.

Also, Maxwell’s beloved cat, Blue, will eventually need to be placed. She is a ’special needs’ cat who will need a very special home with a lot of love and attention (and probably no other animals or children). Right now, we are hoping that he will be able to go home at least temporarily so this is not necessarily an immediate need, but we do want to find the right home for her when the need arises.

Last but far from least, please keep Maxwell in your thoughts or prayers or whatever form of spirituality that is meaningful to you. Please envision him healed and surrounded by love.

This blog will be updated as we have new information.

Thank you for your support.


*Video of Maxwell*
10 years after the death of Robert Eads and the release of the documentary “Southern Comfort”, Dr. Maxwell Scott Anderson introduces a new film in pre-production, “Southern Comforted: Lives Touched by the Documentary”.



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3 responses to “Prayers, Love & Support Needed for Trans Brother!

  1. Rather good article, definitely informative stuff. Never imagined I would obtain the tips I want right here. I’ve been hunting all over the internet for a while now and had been starting to get frustrated. Thankfully, I came onto your blog and got precisely what I had been struggling to find.

  2. James Johnson

    I’m really sorry to hear about this, and wish the prognosis wasn’t so grim. My thoughts are with him. I do animal rescue, and I’d be willing to take Blue, but I have a number of other indoor cats and dogs, so I’m afraid it might not be good for her here.

  3. antywan

    my prayers are with u brother maxwell. God will continue to craddle u gently in his arms. God bless and keep u.

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