Here is Your 15 Minutes of “Fame” @KRTweets

KRTweets = Kurt R.


Yesterday morning I had the pleasure to wake up to read the following comment by a guy who calls himself “KRTweets” on Twitter – Click HERE for his profile.

At first, I decided to just leave the comment alone due to the fact that I am wary of associating with people with obvious psychological issues. Then, I wondered if this guy was serious or if he said horrific things to gain a spotlight. Negative attention is better than no attention at all? Right? *Maybe for him*

I decided today to give him a well deserved 15 minutes of “fame” for his hatred of the GLBTQ community. I love how his very small mind includes common “stereotypes” and I had to laugh out loud that he thought he was responding to a fat lesbian with a mustache. What a clever kid.

I am honestly surprised he has a girlfriend, the world might need proof of that. If it’s true, she must be heavily medicated to endure the company of this pathetic excuse for a human being.

I will tag a WARNING to the following comment due to explicit content.

Please, by all means, feel free to comment to this blog and also pay a visit to our dear friend and write him a sweet message.

*I thought about adding my own personal commentary to his comment, but I think his words speak enough on their own.

KRTweets: (comment in PINK, since he is so “manly”)

“U mad? Last I checked this is America, and I’m allowed to express my opinions freely. The only thing I loathe are you deviant pieces of shit. I look gay? Its called taking pride in the way you carry about yourself. I’m sorry I don’t look like one of you fat dykes with facial hair and unibrows. It’s not my fault you are so fat, repulsive and grotesque that no man would ever want to slide his dick inside of you. It’s not my fault most of your parents rejected your lifestyle and have nothing to do with you anymore. It’s not my fault that your parents are probably sad that they wont have grandkids that weren’t adopted, or artificially inseminated running around one day. Last I checked I was very straight, as the girl who I am seeing is a viewer on this website and has a bunch of faggot friends. Just because society as a whole has become weak and feeble minded due to the whole “political correctness” agenda, doesn’t mean that I have to accept your disgusting lifestyle and have my future kids grow up in a society where you trash roam as a married couple. Future AIDS patients like yourself and GLAAD pushing your agenda down America’s throat so we become sensitive to your needs is what’s wrong with this country.

Another thing, to the carpet munching dyke that wrote this article probably has a mustache that nit-picked my tweets: include what the faggot said to me first and you’ll see why I told his parents to die of AIDS.

Hopefully you transgendered’s get so confused with your identities that you hang yourselves or get Matthew Sheppard’ed. You’re the worst of them all. God made you a certain way and yet you refuse to accept it. Youre the biggest pieces of shit of all and an abomination to humanity. After watching ‘Boys don’t cry’ I can say that Brandon Teena deserved what “it” got except for the rape part, that was quite fucked up. Matthew Sheppard deserved what he got because the words “no means no” didn’t register in his head.

I dont have any self hatred issues at all, I’m quite happy with who I am, the life I lead, the girl Im with. Just because I hate you doesn’t mean I hate myself. They should take up the same policy in the US that they have in Jamaica towards gays. It would make the world a better place. I sincerely mean that.


P.S. from Tristan: Yes, you certainly have a right to your opinions and from reading your tweets you are very opinionated. Not just about this topic, but many others. You seem to enjoy playing God and judging others. Have fun with that, sweetie. Life has a way of teaching people lessons and when you remain defiant and resist learning, the lessons will become much more harsh. It might help you boost your ego and feel better about your life to put others that are unlike you down, but that only goes so far and only lasts so long. The only person that cares about your opinion is you and only you. You do nothing to better the world and to help others. You remind me of the dog shit I stepped in last week…you hate when you see it, you don’t want it near you, it smells terrible and you can’t wait to rid yourself of it forever. The type of impression you make on people will leave you alone with yourself in the end, which I’m sure will suit you fine since the only person you love is yourself.  Then you will have all the time in the world to face your own horrific existence and re-runs of all your selfish, hateful ways will play on repeat in your small, senseless mind. Actually, I think I’m being too nice, sweetie…

Thank you for your comment. It makes me feel good that you read my previous article

“To Discriminate Only Generates HATE”

and that it fueled your fire. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of “fame”. Just remember: not all “fame” is obtained and put on display to reveal good things. Every man is truly judged on the content of his character, and yours screams out loud and clear.

Written by: Tristan

*UPDATE: 11-16-2009 — KRtweets response via Twitter*


@tqnation lets hope what happened to Brandon Teena happens to you.

9:35 PM Nov 11th from web


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