You DON’T Have Wait On People OR the Government for EQUAL MARRIAGE?

Today the state of Maine decides whether or not to keep marriage equality. The polls are almost dead even. Yesterday, activists gathered to rally at Monument Square to defend the rights of the citizens of the state of Maine. The “No on 1 Campaign” posted an ad on October 31st showing a woman named Jill going door to door asking for Diane’s hand in marriage. Asking everyone in the state of Maine would be equivalent to asking 275,000 people! This truly illustrates to people how outlandish voting on this law truly is because of the power it gives one person over another. I could only imagine if everyone in the land of the free and home of the brave had to ask that many people for something that was created as a God-given right…the right for two people to love and dedicate the rest of their lives together.

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Tristan’s Personal Spout Out: Is it just me or is it humorous that many people think the GLBTQ community will make a joke out of same-sex marriage when they are the ones making a joke of marriage for us. They allow states to give us equal rights, just to strip it away. Here you go, we will hand you the golden keys of legal marriage. Oops! Just kidding! *slaps forehead* What in the gay mecca were WE thinking??

These people forget who we are. We are comprised of your doctors that save your mother’s life, the teacher who provides education to your kids, the police officer that locked up the town rapist, the firefighter that went into your burning house and saved your spouse. We are people too. Just like everyone else. We want the same things. We want love and deserve nothing less than the ability to legally protect our marriage the same as our heterosexual friends and family. We have children, too — and I’m sure my dad would have felt awkward having to adopt me instead of me just being legally his when I was born.

These people do not think past their prejudice and religious values. Last time I checked, God is LOVE – not HATE.

I’m transgender, so technically I am a man that is married to a woman – YET, behold, I still cannot get legally married? What is the issue with that? They now carry measuring sticks for between men’s legs before you can be a “real” man? *insert smirk* I can assure you that I have proven to be more of a true man than many biological men I have encountered.

How to Make Your Marriage as Legal as Possible:

I suggest to all of you OUT there that is “married” in the GLBTQ community to MAKE IT AS LEGAL AS YOU CAN BY YOURSELVES. This is what my wife and I did. Look up all of the legal rights marriage gives you. View the list HERE. First off, one of you needs to take the other’s last name legally (or both of you should do a joint last night with a hyphen or SOMETHING). Next, you need to create living wills, power of attorneys and have them signed, notarized and kept in a safe place (give a copy to someone you trust not to be opened unless both of you pass on at the same time). These first two things are CRUCIAL and need to be done as soon as you get married (have it already done prior to your wedding just to be sure since a name change can take up to two months sometimes — ALSO, you don’t need to hire a lawyer for a legal name change — go to the county courthouse and do the leg work yourself. It will cost you more like $200 instead of $400+). Next, join EVERYTHING together…bank accounts, insurance…anything and everything you can. Most insurance companies will also list you as domestic partners even if that is not recognized in your state. When they ask your marital status – tell them “domestic partner” – don’t be afraid!

Tristan and Sicily on our beautiful wedding day

Don’t tell me that we can’t have what everyone else has. Don’t tell me that all of my childhood dreams can’t come true. They can only keep it from you if we allow them to. Sure, we can’t legally have ALL of the same rights, but by golly, we can come close.

I must further address that I have always firmly believed equal marriage will not happen until the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is erased from our military. If you still cannot serve your country and die for the citizens and be openly gay, then how can we expect equal marriage?

The road to freedom is long and is paved with rocks along the way. One thing I know is that when you finally get something you fought so hard for, you hold on to it tightly and cherish it forever. I believe the GLBTQ community will one day be able to show the world that marriage is NOT a joke to us and we will be the ones to rebuild the broken foundation left by the others who had the right before us. It’s time for the divorce rate to DECREASE.


Written by TRISTAN


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