WIN A FREE Autographed Copy Of Transgender Journey: Real Stories From Around The World!

Here’s your chance to win a FREE Autographed copy of Transgender Journey: Real Stories From Around The World!

Front CoverAll you have to do is:

1. Upload a video to YouTube (any length) answering the question: “What would you tell someone who is transgender or gender queer that is contemplating suicide?”

2. The title of the video needs to be “Transgender Journey: Real Stories From Around The World – MY Answer!”

3. In the description of the video, you must put the following:
“If you need to talk to someone, please contact the Trevor Project immediately 1-866-488-7386. For more info on the book, visit

4. Email the link to your video to: by 11:59pm EST August 31st!

One person will be randomly selected to win a free copy of the book and it will be shipped to them!

Winner announced on Sept. 1st!

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Transgender Journey: Real Stories From Around The World – BOOK RELEASE!

Front CoverIn January 2015, I asked 10 questions. These questions were answered by Transgender / Gender Queer individuals from all around the world that included: all walks of life, all shapes, sizes and ages with different beliefs and life experiences.

I had no idea the profound responses I would receive. Transgender Journey: Reals Stories From Around The World is an intricate look inside the personal lives of almost 40 people located in countries spanning from the United States all the way to small dot on the map called Slovenia.

The words inside this book reach into the depths of the soul, awakening anyone who picks it up to read. This book is perfect for those who are new to the journey, for family and friends who want to learn more, or for anyone who loves reading about the fascinating journeys of others.

You may laugh, you may cry. No doubt this book will make a lasting impression in your mind (and heart) for years to come. Learn about the obstacles, the joy, the depression, the fear, the happiness, the triumph…and everything in between.

Real Stories. Real Lives. Real Answers.

Buy a copy today!

View the website!

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NC HB2 – James Parker Sheffield Dispels Myths About Trans People

In the wake of HB2 (Transgender individuals must use bathrooms equal to their birth sex assignment) passing in North Carolina, James Parker Sheffield from Atlanta, GA invited park goers in Washington Square Park to ask him questions about his life and experiences as a trans man.

Here’s what happened. (Facebook Video via Huffpost)

Natural Transitioning: An FTM Alternative SECOND EDITION: Click Here!

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Natural Transitioning for Transgender Men (FTM) – Alternative to Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy

product_thumbnailNatural Transitioning™ (NT) was founded by Tristan Skye in 2008. It is the process of transitioning from female to male (FTM) by raising the testosterone levels your body already naturally produces without injecting synthetic testosterone.
In this book, you will uncover years of dedicated research and my personal experience as a transgender man developing this alternative method of transitioning. This second edition is quite different from the first and takes a truly natural, holistic approach, with guidance from naturopathic doctors (from both the United States and Canada), Chinese medical practitioners and herbalists. Not only is this a guide book that will help you transition without synthetic hormones, it is also a guide book to help you achieve a greater health for your overall being.

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Natural Transitioning: An FTM Alternative [Second Edition]

product_thumbnailNatural Transitioning™ (NT) was founded by Tristan Skye in 2008. It is the process of transitioning from female to male (FTM) by raising the testosterone levels your body naturally produces without injecting synthetic testosterone.

In this book, you will uncover years of dedicated research that is documented in multiple medical journals, and my personal experience as a transgender man developing this alternative method of transitioning.

This second edition is much different from the first, almost opposite, and takes a truly natural, holistic approach, with guidance from naturopathic doctors (from both the United States and Canada), Chinese medical practitioners and herbalists.

Not only is this a guide book that will help you transition without synthetic hormones, it is also a guide book to help you achieve a greater health for your overall being, including supplements, diet and fitness.

Purchase your copy today: click here

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Tristan Skye’s Farewell Address to TQ Nation

(*email sent to all TQ Nation members on 8/20/2015)

To my dearest citizens of TQ Nation,

I first created this social network back in 2007 with the hopes of connecting with others in the transgender community as I started my own personal journey. Originally, it was called TransAmerica. Quickly, it populated worldwide and the name changed appropriately to TransQueer Nation, now primarily called TQ Nation. Currently, we are approaching 13,000 members from across the globe.

From 2007-2012, I was very active in the community as a trans activist. I led trans marches at Pride events, spoke at conferences, did multiple interviews, had cameos in a couple of documentaries, wrote a book and, most importantly, I helped many people with their journey. That, in itself, will always be a very treasured time of my life. I feel a purpose in my life is to help others. My life was very public and at that time and it was completely acceptable for me.

In 2013, I started to take myself down another path of transitioning to being stealth. Virtually, I slowly removed my face from the community and removed videos and photos accordingly. I was ready to simply live my life in a more private manner and remove the label from myself. We all have a different journey and many paths we choose. We must respect each other and what choices are made for each individual life.

I chose to be the man I was born to be without having “transgender” be a topic of every day conversation. It had seemingly become my only identity and was consuming. Now, I have no label except for being Tristan. A soul walking this earth growing and learning more with each passing day, while trying to remain a loving light to others around me. I still help people, but it is not limited to the transgender community.

The main moderators of TQ Nation over many, many years is Shy and Lloyd. Since 2013, they have been the primary leaders of TQ Nation and I have simply paid the bills, so to speak, with minimal participation. Many of you on here may not even know who I am. I am passing the torch over to them to now be the executive leaders of TQ Nation and I am officially saying farewell.

I will always feel a great depth of love for this website and for all of the people who has kept it alive for the past 8 years. Shy and Lloyd are determined to take it to greater places. I know they will.

I am thankful for all of those in the community who remain trans activists and do so much to help others and provide a positive voice. Considering the events we keep hearing of lives lost too soon, there is still much work to be done. The journey is never easy and we all can probably attest to some dark times. But, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s glorious.

An email went out from Shy about donations to TQ Nation. Shy and Lloyd now are responsible for all of TQ Nation, which includes the funding to keep it going for years to come. If you have any issues sending a donation, contact directly.

product_thumbnailBOOK RELEASE: I have great news, yet way overdue. Natural Transitioning: An FTM Alternative finally has a second edition. It took a long time, but it is well worth it. This edition is quite different from the first and takes a truly natural, holistic approach, with guidance from naturopathic doctors (from both the United States and Canada), Chinese medical practitioners and herbalists. Not only is this a guide book that will help you transition without synthetic hormones, it is also a guide book to help you achieve a greater health for your overall being. CLICK HERE to learn more.

TRANSGENDER JOURNEY BOOK RELEASE: You may remember my requests from all of you regarding answers to questions about your life and your journey. I’m sure you probably thought that book would never happen. The great news is that it is in the copy editing stage and it will be, I think, one of the best compilations of transgender literature to date.

Thank you all for all of the love and support over the years. Remember, you are never alone, your are worthy, you are loved.

Cheers to your journey!

Tristan Skye

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Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer He’s “Excited To Be Able To Do Some Real Good”

ABC has kept much of Friday’s two-hour Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner under wraps, apart from just a few teasing previews.

While it’s widely expected that Jenner will talk about his reported gender transition, that has not yet been confirmed. Sawyer said on Friday’s Good Morning America that she’ll let Jenner do the talking.

Read MoreBruce Jenner Wonders “How Does My Story End?” in New Promo for Diane Sawyer Interview

“Some things, some stories should only be told by the person who lives them,” she said. “And he wants to speak directly tonight, so I’m going to let him say first what he wants to say.”

But she did debut a few more seconds of her sit-down. In the below clip, unveiled on GMA, Sawyer asks Jenner if after the several days of conversations they had there was anything she hadn’t asked that he wanted her to ask him.

He came up with, “Are you going to be OK?”

So will he be OK?

Read MoreBruce Jenner Talks Family in New Diane Sawyer Promo: “I Can’t Let Myself Hurt Them” “Yeah, I hope I’m gonna be OK. I feel like I’m gonna be OK,” Jenner said. “2015 is going to be quite a ride. Quite a ride.”

Sawyer also talked about the role of family in Jenner’s story, revealing that they talked to his older sister, who tells her what she saw when they were growing up.

“I think you’re going to learn about family love,” Sawyer said. “This is a family love story.”

Read MoreBruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer, “My Whole Life Has Been Getting Me Ready for This,” in Interview Promo When asked what she hopes people take away from tonight’s special, Sawyer said she hopes it leads to conversations.

“I hope people talk with other people, with families, with their friends, because there’s so much to think about, not just about what he’s going to tell you but about everyone’s life,” she said.

In conclusion, Sawyer said her special is about “understanding” and “learning.”

Read More’Transparent’ Star Jeffrey Tambor Defends Bruce Jenner: “It’s Not Fair…Let’s Get a Perspective on This”

Sawyer also appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael to discuss the special. She reiterated that she’ll let Jenner speak for himself and unveiled an even longer clip of him doing just that, including the few seconds shown on GMA.

The Live clip also features Jenner talking about what’s to come.

“I’ve got my health, I’ve got my children. I’ve got family. I’ve got seven grandkids now,” he said. “I’m actually really excited about the future, about what I could do, to be able to do some real good in the world.”

Read MoreDiane Sawyer’s Interview With Bruce Jenner Gets Two-Hour Primetime Special

Sawyer, who said she hadn’t met Jenner before their interview added that he is “strong.”

“He knows this is a big interview. He knows this is a big day for him, but he is really sentimental about his family and looking forward to what is ahead,” she said.

The veteran journalist also admitted she was a bit surprised by the interest in her interview.

“I think it’s a story that we can come to and learn so much and ask so many questions,” she said. “You get to think in a new way about a lot of things.”

Watch GMA and Live’s previews below.

Original post: ABC Breaking US News

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Need a Mom to Talk To? Ally Moms = Amazing Women Across the World Helping Trans Youth

we-love-mom-beautiful-mother-hd-wallpaperWe are a group of moms who have come together because we have a transgender child. We live all across the United States, Canada and the UK. Our children are different ages and at different stages along their journeys. Some are just beginning to transition, some are living authentically as adults already. We come from different backgrounds and none of us have actually met (yet). What we have in common is an unconditional LOVE for our children. We are allies to the transgender community.

Many of you out there do not have the support you so richly deserve. As “Ally Moms” we have lots of LOVE and understanding to go around. Do you need a friendly ear to just listen? Do you just want to ask a question or say “hello?” It is so important to us that anyone who is transitioning or thinking about coming out has the tools they need. What we can offer is a kind word, a loving, virtual hug, or perhaps a suggestion or two. We will not judge.

Here are the guidelines for reaching out to an Ally Mom:

If you are experiencing a true emergency, please CALL 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Or call the Transgender Crisis Hotline in the U.S. 877-565-8860 or in Canada 877-330-6366. The Trevor Project is also a great resource for anyone contemplating suicide: 866-488-7386.

Text one of us before calling; identify who you are and use the phrase “Ally Mom” so we know the nature of the call. Indicate if you prefer to text or would like a voice call.

You will get a text or call back. Here is the link to the Ally Moms list.

If you don’t get a call back within the hour, feel free to try another Ally Mom. As a courtesy, please let the first Mom know that you’ve connected with someone else so they can delete the request.

Remember, we are not therapists, medical doctors or trained crisis counselors. We are moms who are allies. We are opening our hearts to be there when we can when your own mom can not or is not there for whatever reason.

We were mentioned in Yahoo News also.

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Transgender Surgery Help: Prevent or Reduce Scars

A scar screams look at me.

That’s what it can feel like anyway to the individual bearing such a physical marker of trauma to the body. And on those warm, clothing-optional days of summer, or in the privacy of your bedroom, with a loved one or partner, that stings.

Some folks go to extreme lengths to conceal their scars without knowing that a little scar prevention and scar treatment cream for developing and existing scars can reduce a scar or even prevent it completely. This is great news for those of us who have undergone surgery as part of our transitioning process.

In this article, you will find out how to care for a wound and to nip a scar before it develops. You’ll also learn how to care for existing scars, and how a scar treatment system, like Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy can fade a scar and the damage it does to your self-confidence.

Prevent a Scar Before it Develops

The single best thing you can do to prevent a scar is to get it early.

Scars form for a variety of reasons, including acne, chicken pox, surgery, an injury or child-birth via caesarian section. Depending on the origins of and severity of the trauma, a scar can take anywhere from several months to two years to develop.

Though surgery, serious injury and more severe trauma to the body tend to cause the most noticeable scarring, even a light scrape can become a scar if you don’t take basic precautions. For basic scar prevention, do the following:

Clean a Fresh Scrape or Cut – Run the wound under clean water. Remove pebbles or splinters with alcohol-sterilized tweezers. Carefully wash the wound with soap and a clean cloth. Avoid harsh soaps, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and iodine for minor wounds, as these can delay the healing process.

Cover Up – Cover your scrape or wound to reduce bacteria, dirt and irritants. Keep the wound moist, preferably with an antibiotic cream or ointment. The last point is especially important, as it will reduce the appearance of your scar should it develop.

Don’t Pick the Scabs – After an injury, the body immediately starts the healing process, with white blood cells that attack bacteria and red blood cells, platelets and fibrin that form a clot over the wound. Pick at the scabbing that develops and not only do you risk re-opening the wound, you open the door for bacteria that can create a larger, more prominent scar.

Stubborn Wounds and Existing Scars

Despite your best efforts, it’s not impossible that a scar will form regardless of the time and TLC you’ve put into scar prevention. That’s life – some folks are more prone to scarring than others.

A deep scar involves all three dermal tissues: the subcutaneous, dermis and epidermis, and can take up to two years to develop. In other words, if the wound is lingering, it’s time to shift to reduction mode.

First, be aware that scars tend to develop in areas of the body that are constantly being pulled and strained. The chest and shoulders are common areas for scarring to develop, and in that light, it’s a good idea to avoid heavy lifting or upper-body exercises as your wound continues to heal.

Second, consider a scar reduction system as the scar develops. This should reduce the severity of the scar and makes a less painful treatment than laser surgery, which is usually done after the scar is completely formed.

Scar Reduction Therapy With a Cream

A scar treatment cream is formulated with active natural ingredients, moisturizers and patented peptides to interact with the skin’s 28-day regeneration process. Specifically, it should:

Stimulate Natural Collagen Production – Both skin-healing type III and skin-strengthening collagen I.

Push Scarred Skin Cells to the Surface – A scar treatment cream gently nudges the skin healing process so that dead and damaged cells rise to the surface of the skin, where they’re sloughed away.

Increase Production of Healthy Skin Cells – With more collagen production and exfoliation of dead skin cells, normal, healthy skin cells replace scarred skin, for visible reduction of scarring.

Studies show that niacinamide, beta glucans and some antioxidants, including tocopherols, can reduce hyperpigmentation and encourage natural, healthy turn-over of skin cells. Such natural ingredients moisturize, exfoliate, and ultimately, reduce and even prevent scarring.

If you want to prevent or reduce scarring without steroids or laser treatment, opt for Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy by the Skinception line of skin-care products, which as clinical studies suggest, may reduce scarring in as little as four weeks.

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A Safer, More Natural Approach to Weight Loss

How many times after complete frustration, have you succumbed and tried one of those ‘over the counter’ weight loss supplements that promise to help you shed those unwanted pounds? The claims seem impressive. Maybe even one of your friends has recommended a new one that they swear has worked for them. The choices are endless, but finally you just pick a pretty bottle and set out to finally get rid of that annoying excess weight.

But soon you realize that even if you notice you don’t feel that hungry, you do notice a complete change in your system. You start to feel jittery. Your stomach is constantly upset. The frequent trips to the bathroom with cramps are just out of control. You can’t sleep. The list goes on and on. Many of those side effects are a result of the ingredients in most over the counter weight loss supplements. Many drug store brands contain ingredient with side effects such as caffeine.

Caffeine has been touted as one of the effective ingredients in weight loss systems as initially it can decrease your appetite through its central nervous system response. However, other studies, including ones conducted by the Mayo Clinic suggest that caffeine may cause higher levels of cortisol, which actually stimulates an increase in appetite. So the main ingredient that is touted as helping to decrease weight, in actual fact works exactly the opposite.

Caffeine can also increase stress. It has this affect by elevating the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Increase in stress can then have a very negative impact on your weight loss goals by decreasing your willpower and overall affecting your ability to stick to your intentions and keep losing weight.

Another negative effect of utilizing a weight loss supplement that contains caffeine is interruption of your natural sleep patterns. Often people complain that if they drink coffee too late in the day that they end up tossing and turning all night. Well weight loss pills that use caffeine as an ingredient in their formulas can have an adverse affect on your ability to get the rest that you need. And if you are not sleeping, then your ability to maintain your willpower is adversely affected for sure. Losing weight successfully really has to be simple and suffering from lack of sleep on top of all the other stress that comes with being overweight is simply not a good formula for anyone.

Now the researchers and doctors who have formulated the ProShapeRX weight loss system have purposely avoided ingredients such as caffeine and have devised a 100% natural formula that uses herb supplements to help control your cravings and help you stick to your weight loss goals naturally. Now that certainly sounds like a better way to go than putting yourself through more stress and less sleep. So give the ProShapeRX system a try. There is a 30 day trial offer so you have nothing to lose except a few extra pounds. So what are you waiting for? Take a positive step toward a new, thinner, healthier you.

For more information, go to

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